NOTICE: Regarding promotion of LOD on RevContent and CAD networks

Hi, this is Chris Haddad. I’m the founder of “Digital Romance, Inc.” and the copywriter and marketing mind behind all of the products you see here in this affiliate center, including “The Language of Desire.”

First off, I want to profusely thank you for being an affiliate and promoting our offer. I always say that at DRI our number one job is to make our AFFILIATES money (and then we make money down the line.)

I apologize for not communicating this sooner but right now we’re testing an exclusive deal with a media buyer on native advertising and particularly on the RevContent and CAD networks. As part of the terms of that deal I need to ask that no affiliates promote Language of Desire on those networks.

I know this is annoying and I understand if it makes you upset in some way. If you want to talk about it one-on-one please add me on Skype at wordmerc. I’ll be happy to hear your concerns and see what I can do to make it up to you.

In the meantime you may want to consider testing some of our other offers such as “Text The Romance Back,” “Text Your Ex Back,” “The Secret Survey,” “Capture His Heart And Make Him Love You Forever” or one of the other great products we have available on this site. You can find assets for all of our offers right here at our affiliate center… just click on one of the products in the navigation above to get all the details.

Again, I apologize. I know how hard it is to find offers like LOD that convert really well on cold traffic and I look forward to finding a way to make it up to you and develop a relationship that has us both making money for years to come.


Chris “Mr. Moneyfingers” Haddad
(AKA “Michael Fiore”)

P.S. I’m sincere when I say you should hit me up on Skype. Here’s my Skype name again: Wordmerc. Please make sure you mention you are an affiliate in the contact request. Otherwise I might think you’re just some phishing scam or something as I get a good number of requests from random folks.

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