The Absolute Highest-Converting, Highest-Commission Offers In The Relationship Niche . . . Guaranteed

The Absolute Highest-Converting Offers...Guaranteed

Digital Romance, Inc. has become the “800 Lb Gorilla” in the sex and relationship niche for a reason . . . because our stuff out-converts and out-sells EVERYTHING else out there and funnels massive amounts of cash into your bank account where it belongs . . . You send us traffic and we’ll send you moolah (and help a whole lot of people have better relationships too.)

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"Conversions so high they’ll make your heart pound"

If you want to see conversions so incredibly high that they send your pulse racing through the roof and make your heart pound, then I strongly suggest you try out any Digital Romance offer. A good portion of my income comes from promoting DR, and what I love the most is not just the insanely good front end conversions, but the crazy high uptake rate on their upsells. These products just don’t deserve a little bit of promotion. They deserve a whole website or blog dedicated to promoting them alone. Why? They can literally make you full-time income in very little time. If you aren’t promoting them, you’re committing business suicide

— Sunny Arora,

"My earnings-per-click were in the $5.00 range"

Whenever I check my email, the best news I can possibly get is that Digital Romance is launching a new product. Anytime I’ve promoted DR in the past, I’ve always done extremely well. Their last product was the most profitable affiliate promotion I’ve ever done in this market. My earnings per click were in the $5.00 range. So if you’re looking for quality products with consistent conversions, I wholeheartedly recommend the Digital Romance affiliate program.

— Jordan Hall

"Top quality… the money is simply icing on the cake"

As a well-known relationship expert, I have to be careful what I promote to my mailing lists. I also have quite a bit of integrity so the bottom line of what I promote is value for my fans, not the income it produces. I love promoting the various Digital Romance products because they are professionally written and top quality. The fact that their offers have crazy conversions and make me a ton of money is simply icing on the cake.

— Michael Webb,

"Second to none"

Digital Romance has been a mainstay in my newsletters since 2011. My DR affiliate sales make a big difference in my ability to provide private academic scholarships. The people at DR are second to none – highly creative, approachable and down-to-earth, with remarkable backgrounds outside the ’relationships’ realm. My subscribers continue to respond to their products, year in and year out. That’s why I do the happy dance!! (Think Steve Martin…)

— Mimi Tanner,

"The biggest day of revenue in the history of my brand"

I am so grateful that I found Digital Romance. Their program was a massive success with my list, garnering me the single biggest day of revenue through a partner in the history of my brand. The information was solid and valuable (and super charming!), and the marketing just made it FLY ‘off the shelves.’ I wish I could find more partners like Digital Romance – I’d be rich and my list would be happy

— Carol Allen,

"Digital Romance is a money tree!"

I’ve promoted so many of the products from Digital Romance and I’ve made over $72,000 as a Digital Romance affiliate in the last 1 1/2 years. Great promos and the products are just what my women's list wants. Seriously, my list never gets tired of me offering them these products month after month.

- Bob Grant, The Women Men Adore...

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