6 Simple Reasons to Become a Digital Romance Affiliate

  • Massive Conversions
  • Insane Commissions
  • Deep Product Library
  • Premium Tools & Support
  • Low Refunds, High Quality
  • Exclusive

Massive Conversions in a Rabid Niche

Demand for relationship products is huge, and the market is flooded with solutions.
So how do our products rise above the crowd?

When we first entered the “love and relationships” niche a few years ago, we made big waves – and big money – fast. Why? Because our sales pages out-convert everything else in the industry.

Take our “Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever” offer, for instance. The sales video is ugly. It’s long. It doesn’t have studio-quality effects or a “professional” voiceover or anything like that. And it turns visitors into buyers faster and stronger than anything else out there.

Capture His Heart rocketed up the Clickbank charts to grab (and hold) a spot in the top 10 within 30 days of being launched.

And that’s just one of our offers.

How Well Will Your Traffic Convert with Digital Romance?

Take a look at these affiliate report screenshots from our Capture His Heart Clickbank offer.

10% Conversion Rate over 500 clicks

7% Conversion Rate over 300 front-end sales

Note: These images have been adjusted for contrast and to protect the anonymity of our affiliates. The actual numbers have not been modified in any way.

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Insane Commission Rates

Around the office, we have one mantra that drives everything we do:
“Our job is to make our affiliates money.”

It’s a simple principle, really. The more money we pay our affiliates for promoting our offers, the more customers we’ll get and the more money we’ll end up making in the long run.

Personally, nothing makes me angrier than product owners who get stingy with their affiliates or argue over percentages.

By bringing your traffic to our door, you’re doing us a huge favor and it’s our responsibility to make sure you get higher earnings-per-click and net more cash from our products than from anything else out there.

That’s why we always pay our affiliates a 75% up-front commission, plus 50% on back-end sales.

We get emails every day – from multi-millionaire media buyers to “just getting started” novice affiliates – saying our stuff “changed their lives."

And we want to do the same for you.

We’ve Paid Our Affiliates Over

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A Deep Lineup of High-Converting Products

We’re not some “one-trick pony” that created one product which happened to take off and then got fat and lazy. We’re still hungry.

The Digital Romance team is constantly creating new offers, new sales funnels and new ways to pump more cash your way. We’ve got relationship products to fit every list, including:

  • Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever, our Clickbank Top 10 offer that’s converting like crazy, even on cold traffic.
  • Text Your Ex Back, the top-selling “ex back” program in the world.
  • Text The Romance Back, the program that got us started. Featured on The Rachael Ray Show and a conversion machine for both men and women.
  • The Secret Survey: What Men Desperately Want You To Know But Will Never Tell You, a massive program with ultra-low refund rates.

Not to mention our catalog of upsell and add-on products that’ll crank your EPCs up even higher.

Or our bestselling Amazon ebooks. Or the programs we’ve got in development right now covering every aspect of love, romance, sex and relationships.

As a registered affiliate you’ll get the first chance to promote our new stuff, as soon as it comes out.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

Every marketer knows that social proof is a powerful tool… so prepare to be pitched by your peers.

“Digital Romance is a
money tree!”

I’ve promoted so many of the products from Digital Romance and I’ve made over $72,000 as a Digital Romance affiliate in the last 1 1/2 years.

Great promos and the products are just what my women's list wants. Seriously, my list never gets tired of me offering them these products month after month.

— Bob Grant, The Women Men Adore…

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“The biggest day of revenue in the
history of my brand”

I am so grateful that I found Digital Romance. Their program was a massive success with my list, garnering me the single biggest day of revenue through a partner in the history of my brand. The information was solid and valuable (and super charming!), and the marketing just made it FLY ‘off the shelves.’ I wish I could find more partners like Digital Romance – I’d be rich and my list would be happy

— Carol Allen, LoveIsInTheStars.com

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“Top quality… the money is
simply icing on the cake”

As a well-known relationship expert, I have to be careful what I promote to my mailing lists. I also have quite a bit of integrity so the bottom line of what I promote is value for my fans, not the income it produces. I love promoting the various Digital Romance products because they are professionally written and top quality. The fact that their offers have crazy conversions and make me a ton of money is simply icing on the cake.

— Michael Webb, TheRomantic.com

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“Second to none”

Digital Romance has been a mainstay in my newsletters since 2011. My DR affiliate sales make a big difference in my ability to provide private academic scholarships.

The people at DR are second to none – highly creative, approachable and down-to-earth, with remarkable backgrounds outside the ’relationships’ realm. My subscribers continue to respond to their products, year in and year out.

That’s why I do the happy dance!!
(Think Steve Martin…)

— Mimi Tanner, MimiTanner.com

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“My earnings-per-click were in
the $5.00 range”

Whenever I check my email, the best news I can possibly get is that Digital Romance is launching a new product.

Anytime I’ve promoted DR in the past, I’ve always done extremely well. Their last product was the most profitable affiliate promotion I’ve ever done in this market. My earnings per click were in the $5.00 range.

So if you’re looking for quality products with consistent conversions, I wholeheartedly recommend the Digital Romance affiliate program.

— Jordan Hall

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“Conversions so high they’ll
make your heart pound”

If you want to see conversions so incredibly high that they send your pulse racing through the roof and make your heart pound, then I strongly suggest you try out any Digital Romance offer.

A good portion of my income comes from promoting DR, and what I love the most is not just the insanely good front end conversions, but the crazy high uptake rate on their upsells.

These products just don’t deserve a little bit of promotion. They deserve a whole website or blog dedicated to promoting them alone. Why? They can literally make you full-time income in very little time. If you aren’t promoting them, you’re committing business suicide

— Sunny Arora, PullYourExBack.com

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We Do The Heavy Lifting For You

Register and get access to premium-level support and a huge library of ready-made resources.
Bring your own talents, we’ll provide the rest.

As a registered affiliate, you’ll get instant, unlimited access to our full affiliate resource center. It’s packed full of done-for-you email templates, articles, banners, images, sales copy, market research… everything you need to make this an easy “win."

You’ll also have a direct line to our affiliate manager, so if there’s something you need but don’t see, just send us a message and we’ll take care of you right away.

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Products That Actually Help People

Happy customers = lower refunds.
It’s a simple formula, and it’s the secret to our success…

It’s way too easy to get cynical in this business, but the reason we’ve been so successful is because we actually care about our customers. We’ve got thousands of testimonials and success stories showing how our material changed people’s lives.

Customers who use our Capture His Heart program really do see their love lifes transform before their eyes.

Customers who use our Text Your Ex Back program really get their ex back (or discover that they’re better off without their ex.)

It might sound weird, but we’re not just in this for the money.

If we’ve got a product that doesn’t live up to the life-changing promises we make, we simply don’t release it. If our customers have a complaint about a program, we use their feedback to improve it.

This translates to some of the lowest refund rates in the industry, which means you keep more of your commissions. It means that your leads will actually get excited about new promotions.

Most importantly, it means that you can actually feel good about what you’re selling.

Your Leads are Gonna Love This Stuff…

Over 28,000 people liked Digital Romance enough to click a button!

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Behind-the-Scenes Insight

Whether you’re brand new or a seasoned veteran, we’ll show you how to market our offers better…
Even if that means giving away some insider secrets.

This is cool… and maybe even a little bit dangerous.

As a Digital Romance affiliate you’ll get exclusive access to our Affiliate Newsletter, where we pull back the curtain to show you the inner workings of our sales processes. You’ll get the latest tips on promoting our products, learn exactly which split tests worked (and which ones bombed), and get insider advice on exactly what to do to increase your income as a Digital Romance affiliate.

So Get Out There and Get Paid

Every minute you spend reading this is a minute that you’re not making money as a Digital Romance Affiliate.

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