(BIG NEWS) 90% Commissions on LOD ALL JULY LONG

Hey Awesome Affiliates,

It’s Chris “Mr. Moneyfingers” Haddad with a big ANNOUNCEMENT for you!

(Miss me? I missed you. There were tears. And poems. And at one point I even wrote a song about you that I really wanted to send but I didn’t because I was scared. There I said it.)

Anyway, HI!

OK, here’s the deal . . .

A while back (like a YEAR or something) we cruelly snatched the cash-sucking monster that is “Language of Desire” (you know, the SINGLE MOST SUCCESSFUL WOMEN’S RELATIONSHIP OFFER IN CLICKBANK HISTORY) from your commission-desiring clutches by FORBIDDING anyone from running LOD on a whole bunch of native advertising networks . . .

At the time it seemed like a “GOOD IDEA” because it gave us control and the ability to work with the networks directly . . .

But . . . Um . . . well, it turns out that was DUMB of us.

See, if there’s one thing myself and the team at Digital Romance are good at it’s creating OFFERS that CRUSH and CONVERT like some kind of super-powered religious missionary . . .

But traffic? Yeah, traffic is YOUR department not ours. It’s a wonderful symbiosis where YOU send us your juicy, juicy traffic and WE send you frankly-ridiculous commissions FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER . . .

SO . . .


Language of Desire is now WIDE OPEN for any and all traffic you can throw at it (And, remember, it’s STILL the HIGHEST CONVERTING FREAKING OFFER IN THE WHOLE WOMEN’S NICHE) . . .
To CELEBRATE (and remind you why you fell in love with LOD in the first place) we’re going to give EVERYONE 90% front-end commission on LOD ALL JULY LONG . . . But that’s not all… keep reading!!

That means for ONE FULL (incredibly patriotic and AMERICAN) MONTH you get 9/10’s of the front end cash on EACH AND EVERY SALE YOU MAKE . . .

AND to make this an offer you just can’t refuse. . . we’ve also decided to give you 75% commissions on the back end. . . you read that right! Instead of our usual 50% commissions on upsells, we’ll be giving you 75% for the entire month of July!

You were already getting RIDICULOUS EPC’s with LOD, but with these commission bumps, you’ll now get commissions at LUDICROUS SPEED (Can you name the movie reference?)

PLUS, because LOD is JUST for women, we’re ALSO going to do the same for our men’s offer “The Language of Lust” . . . 90% on the front end and 75% on upsells!

Now . . . here’s how this will work:

If you have EVER promoted LOD or LOL in the past, you will be automatically added to this “90% + 75% July Promo” group. You should receive an email directly from ClickBank on Friday, June 30th, to let you know you’ve been added.

If you don’t receive an email from ClickBank by July 1st, please email Colleen at affiliates@digitalromanceinc.com with your ClickBank ID and she will make sure you get added.

For those of you who have NEVER promoted LOD or LOL, just email Colleen with your ClickBank ID and she can add you to the group at any time during the month of July.

* You can get all your Language of Desire affiliate tools (swipe emails, banners and LOVE) at: https://new.digitalromanceaffiliates.com/offer/lod/

And you can get Language of Lust tools here: https://new.digitalromanceaffiliates.com/offer/language-of-lust/

  • 90% + 75% July starts JULY 1st (which is just a few short days away)
  • There will be whackiness and MOOLAH for all . . .
  • If you need ANYTHING just hit up Colleen at affiliates@digitalromanceinc.com or hit ME up directly on Skype at Wordmerc.

    Got it?


    Let’s get going!

    Much Love


    P.S. Gonna try to get going on my “Affiliate Advantage” interviews again SOON. Let me know if there’s anyone in particular you want me to interview.

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