• Fat, bald, broke divorcee bangs the hottest babes

    Subject Lines:   You’ll NEVER have sex again  Carl lost his balls and then got’em back Carl thought he’d never bone again until… Sex was OFF the table for Carl until… Fat, bald, broke divorcee bangs the hottest babes   “You know, you’ll probably never have sex again…”   Whispered Linda, in the most venomous […]

  • Do NOT talk to women you don’t know

    Subject Lines:  AVOID casual hookups Think TWICE before sticking your dick in someone Closet heterosexual? Do NOT talk to women you don’t know   AVOID hanging out with women alone, don’t look at them with lust, walk on eggshells around every interaction with a woman, think twice before sticking your dick in someone…   That’s […]

  • Reasons

    Subject Lines Make “innocent” girls horny on command How to flip her “horny switch” 3 psychological reasons women won’t fuck you The3 psychological barriers cock blocking you Why religious girls are secretly craving your cock Hey, it’s (YOUR NAME) . . . If you find yourself frequently going home alone after shuffling through different “opens” […]

  • Story

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  • Q&A

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  • Orgasm

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  • Feminist Nightmare

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  • Misinterpreted Signals

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  • Emasculated America

    Subject Lines READ THIS if you don’t want your BALLS cut off . . . The Death Of Men??? (Bad News for women) Having a dick is a handicap???? How to survive in Emasculated America . . . Why it’s DANGEROUS to be a straight guy in America . . . Hey, it’s (YOUR NAME) […]