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Capture His Heart was ALMOST the biggest BOMB in our company’s history. Instead it became a cold traffic MONSTER, earned affiliates MILLIONS of dollars in commissions and set a new standard for what could be done in this niche. (A standard that was only exceeded when we launched “Language Of Desire.”)

Well, when we tested the first version of the Capture His Heart VSL (with fancy animation and everything) it did… OK. We got 2% conversion to our list and 2% conversion to a friend’s list. Most folks would be happy about that but personally I was close to suicidal because I want EVERYTHING we do to be TOP CONVERTERS for our affiliates. 

After an epic overhaul to our VSL he results were… awesome. In fact we QUADRUPLED conversions literally overnight… got a whopping EIGHT percent conversion to our own list… saw a 10% conversion on some partner lists and made many affiliates GIDDY and GLEEFUL with the cash they earned during our launch and beyond.

Even better, the offer proved it could convert on COLD traffic and we paid out a whopping SEVEN FIGURES in commissions in the offer’s first year.

So, you know, it works.

If you have any questions or comments send us an email or post on our exclusive Affiliate Facebook Page where you can get direct access to the whole team.

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