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Read this BEFORE Valentine's Day. . .
Crazy sex on Valentine's Day just by sending a TEXT????
No flowers, no candy and the BEST Valentine's Day she's ever had.
No more Valentine's BS - here's how to get a woman to SWOON with no effort at all.
EXACTLY what to do on Valentine's Day . . .
Incredible Romance on Valentine's Day?
Push button Valentine's Romance?
Valentine's Romance without spending a dime???

Her Best Valentine's ever is THIS easy?

Hey, it’s (YOUR NAME) . . .

If you’re like most guys, you already know that Valentine’s Day is just
a few days away.

You’re probably gritting your teeth because you know she’s expecting you
to be romantic and sweep her off her feet. . .

(Or maybe you’re frustrated that you don’t have a special woman in your
life, or that the woman you do have is a romantic idiot who has no idea
how to treat a guy.)

Either way, I want you to go watch this video. . .

It teaches you how to use tiny little text messages to INSPIRE even the
most DEMANDING woman to give you the love and the romance and
“affection” you so desperately deserve.

Plus it shows you the exact messages to use to get a girl feeling appreciated,
loved, wanted without having to do any real work at all (in fact, you’ll
learn why doing “romantic” stuff you see in movies or that greeting card
companies tell you to do often backfires and makes her pull away.)

Go watch it now. . .



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No way this works . . .
Text The Romance Back?
(VIDEO) Push Button Romance
Romantic Siberia?
Why she’s never in the mood . . .
“She has a headache?”

Hey, it’s (YOUR NAME) . . .

And I hate to say it, but you’ve been lied to . . .

A LOT . . .

If you’re like most guys you’ve been told again and again that
really “romancing” the woman in your life takes a lot of “work” . . .

That you have to shell out a bunch of money on flowers or candy or
nights out . . .

That you have to put on some monkey suit you hate to wear . . .

Or go see some “chick flick” (that you hate) to make her happy . . .

My friend Michael Fiore just put up this video that explains the “dirty
truth” about romance . . .

Shows you why the woman in your life is “never in the mood” for love . . .

And teaches you a weird method he discovered to use tiny little text
messages to have her swooning and craving you literally at the push of
a button . . .

I was really skeptical when I first heard about this . . .

Then I watched the video and was blown away . . .

Mike really puts his money where his mouth is and you should check this
out while you can.



P.S. Mike’s been on “The Rachael Ray Show”, was interviewed by Time Magazine
and is pretty much the authority on using texting to put massive spark back
in your love life.

This stuff is totally addictive to women and will change your relationship
with your girlfriend or wife (or any woman you meet) forever.

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Push Button Romance?
Automatic Romance?
Text The Romance Back?
It can’t be this easy . . .

Hey, it’s (YOUR NAME) . . .

OK, it’s really important that you stop whatever you’re doing,
find a nice, quiet place and watch this video as soon as you can:

It’s by my friend Mike Fiore (he’s been on the Rachael Ray show
and been interviewed by Time Magazine). . .

And it reveals the dirty truth about “Romance” no woman will ever
tell you . . .

And shows you how to use tiny little text messages sent from even
the most “ghetto” cell phone to put any woman on “Romantic Overload”
no matter how cold and distant she is now. . .

If your sex life is in the dumps. . . If you feel more like friends
or “roommates” than lovers. . .

Or if you’re just bored out of your mind by your relationship (and
are sick of being nagged) you really have to go watch this video right
now. . .



P.S. Michael shows you exactly how to seduce your woman (or any
woman for that matter) using text messages in this video. . . It’s
crazy, but I can’t believe how well it works.

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What NOT to write women online . . .

Hey, it’s (YOUR NAME) . . .

And really quickly I want to give you a heads up on EXACTLY what
you should and should not say to a girl online. . .

See, a good friend of mine (who just happens to be a smoking hot
girl with a body that makes guys babble like idiots as soon as they
see her) and I have this thing we play. . .

She’s single right now. She’s got a sex drive like a Mack truck.
Like a lot of women she’s actually LOOKING for guys to date and to
get to know a little bit so she doesn’t feel bad about wanting them
to fuck her brains out.

So she’s on OkCupid and a couple other sites.

And the thing we play is called the “You are never going to sleep
with her”. . .

See, every single day this hot friend of mine gets messages from guys
manage to TURN OFF my hot friend and ruin ANY chances they have with
her (or ANY beautiful woman) with the very first sentence they write
her. . .

Take this one for instance:

“You look like you have pleasantly pullable hair.”. . .

Now, I’m GUESSING that the guy who sent that one thought he was being
flirty and cute and trying to SEDUCE her and probably had his pants
around his ankles while online. . .

But instead (even though my hot friend like a LOT of women DOES like
having her hair pulled by the right guy) he didn’t get a interested
reply. . .

He got laughed at.

And mocked.

And put in the “Never, ever, ever going to happen” box by my sexy,
beautiful, hot friend.

Or the other guy who’s handsome and successful and has some great
photos. . .

But who opened up his conversation with her by saying
“Heeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyy. . .” like some 14 year old idiot.

Or the other guy who said “UR HAWT we should hook up.”

Or the *other* guy who said “You are my soul mate”. . .

Or the older guy who actually said “My wife hasn’t touched me in 5
years and I really want to feel you” and. . .

You get the idea.

And I get it.

A lot of times online dating feels like some kind of hot-girl
buffet. . .

And since it’s kind of anonymous you feel like you can say
anything. . .

And you just send dozens and dozens of the same message to every
girl you see hoping just ONE of them will write you back and just
ONE OF THEM will go out with you, make out with you, fuck you.

And it just doesn’t happen.

Because you’re writing to girls like they’re guys.

Like I said, plenty of women really do want to just meet a nice guy
to have a fling with. . .

But they need just a little pretext of romance so they don’t feel used.

They need you to actually SEEM like the kind of guy she’d consider
dating even if dating is the furthest thing from her mind.

So what do you say INSTEAD of all the idiot babbling so many guys use?

Well. . .

You’ve probably heard about my “Text The Romance Back” program. . .

It’s a step-by-step guidebook that tells you exactly what to text to
a girl to get her interested, turn her on, make her you’re eager and
willing love slave. . .

It’s great stuff.

What you don’t know is how easily it teaches you to talk to girls
online too.

See, TRB explains the power of the romance side of a woman’s mind. . .

It kind of the owners manual for her libido and her heart. . .

And it teaches you how to break her out of the boring-ass normalcy of
her day. . .

So she sees you as an adventure she wants to go on. . .

A guy she wants to meet. . .

A guy she wants to. . . pull her hair.

If you haven’t already checked out TRB, go watch this short video right

Tens-of-thousands of guys have used this already. . .

And they’ve RAVED about how it transformed their lives. . . made women
so much easier . . .

And it will work for you too.



P.S. My hot friend took a guy she met on one of her Internet dates
home last night.

He’s kind of dorky. Kind of skinny. Not “handsome” in any traditional

If it was just his picture she would have passed him over. . .

If he’d sent something silly like most guys do, she would have blocked
him. . .

But instead he got an experience he’ll be talking about for years.

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This text gives her PERMISSION to sleep with you . . .
The "fuck me" text?
Never get turned down for sex again?

Hey, it’s (YOUR NAME) . . .

How’s your day going?

Today I want to talk to you about a weird fact about
female psychology.

See a lot of guys have this weird idea in their head
that women don’t like sex, that women don’t fantasize
about guys and that women need to be “tricked” into
sleeping with you. . .

But that’s absolute bullshit.

From all my work teaching women about men I’ve gotten a
TON of emails from women saying just how horny and desperate
they are for a guy to seduce them, pull their hair, whisper
dirty things in her ear. . .

But here’s the thing:

Even though women WANT sex as much as you do (if not more,
actually – a lot of studies show that women actually enjoy
sex more than guys do) there’s one big HURDLE in a woman’s
mind that keeps her from just throwing you down in the mall
food court and riding you like a stallion. . .

And that hurdle is called “The Slut Barrier”. . .

What the heck is that?

It’s this massive BLOCK in a woman’s mind that keeps her
from asking for the hot, wonderful sex she wants so damned
much. . .

Because even though a woman (especially if she’s over 30)
WANTS you. . .

She’s also desperately afraid of being looked at as a “slut.”

So how do you get her over the “Slut Barrier” so she’ll get
on top of you?

Well, first off you go watch this video:

In it I show you the wild impact simple text messages can have
on a woman’s mind (whether she’s your wife, your neighbor or some
girl you just met.)

But what I DON’T talk about in the video is how effective these
text messages are at giving a woman a psychological excuse when
it comes to fucking your brains out. . .

See, if you use these texts the right way, a girl gets to put the
“blame” for her wild, frenzied passion 100% on you. . . So instead
of beating herself up. . .

She can toy with you, tease you, give herself to you 100%. . .

All because you gave her PERMISSION to give in to her secret,
overwhelming desires. . .

And all you have to do to open her mind (and her legs) is use a
little “text romance”. . .

Listen: Over the last couple years I’ve gotten literally THOUSANDS
of emails from guys telling me that Text The Romance Back is the
single most powerful thing they’ve ever used in the battle of the
sexes. . .

It doesn’t matter if you’re old, fat, broke, stupid, ugly or have
a little dick. . .

If you can master the sexual and emotional psychology of women this
simple way. . .

Well, you’ll see the results for yourself.

Go watch this video and grab TRB. You won’t regret that you did:



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Subject Lines

Text the Romance Back?
Can you text the romance back?

Hey, it’s (YOUR NAME) . . .

OK, really quick. . .

Go watch this video right now and learn how to use tiny little text
messages to turn your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or husband into an
absolute “Romance Addict” even if they don’t seem to care one iota
about romance now. . .

I was totally skeptical of this before I saw it, but Michael Fiore
has figured out how to use text messages to create a profound feeling
of connection with your partner no matter where you are or what you’re
doing. . .

Check it out and let me know what you think. . .



P.S. Make sure you watch the WHOLE video. You’ll regret it if you don’t.

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Subject Lines

Text The Romance Back?
Digital Foreplay?
If you’ve got two thumbs . . .
Push Button Romance
Better than sexting?
Beyond sexting . . .
This isn’t sexting.

Hey, it’s (YOUR NAME) . . .

If the romance is “dead” in your relationship, you need to go
hear what this Michael Fiore guy has to say now. . .

See, Michael’s created a program called “Text The Romance Back”
that shows you how to use tiny little text messages sent from
your cell phone. . .

To turn even the biggest “romantic numbskull” into an absolute
“Prince Charming”. . .

And to convert even the busiest “Ice Queen” into your very own
romantic kitten. . .

It sounds “Weird” at first, but Michael’s been on Rachael Ray,
The Mancow Radio Show, a bunch of newspapers and even got
interviewed by Time Magazine. . .

And he’s created a step-by-step “map” that tells you exactly what
to say to get all the “Romance” (and sex, and love) you want, no
matter how busy you are or how long you’ve been together.

Check it out while you can.



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Subject Lines

She did THAT with a TEXT?
AMAZING result

Hey, it’s (YOUR NAME) . . .

The other day I sent you a message about Mike Fiore’s “Text
The Romance Back” 2.0 program. . .

Since then I’ve gotten a LOT of emails from women asking if
this is “for real” and you can really get that kind of amazing
attention from a man just by sending him a couple of text
messages. . .

And I TOTALLY understand. . .

When I first stumbled onto Mike’s stuff after seeing him on TV
I had a LOT of doubts. . .

Then I started reading through some of the success stories Mike
has had with the THOUSANDS of women who have used his program. . .

I don’t want you to miss out if this is what you’ve been looking
for (if you want a way to CONNECT with a man and have him give you
the love and attention you deserve. . .)

So here’s several amazing SUCCESS stories from women who have
used TRB 2.0. . .

And one HORRIBLE FAILURE story of one woman it DID NOT work for
at all. . .

“He Broke Down Crying”

Hi. Today my husband was so tired and frustrated with his work
that he literally shouted at me on the phone.

I sent him a message saying ‘If I were there right now. . . imagine
my soft hands on your shoulders, your muscles melting under my
touch, my long nails dragging across your skin. You feel yourself
melting into your chair like your muscles are loose spaghetti.
Like you couldn’t be tense no matter how hard you tried.

All that tension flows out of you like water out of a spigot. Your
skin tingles. You feel my breathe on your neck, my lips lightly kiss
your skin and all your worries fly away.

I love you, baby. Calm down.

As soon as his work ended, he read my message and immediately called
me and started saying how he cannot thank God enough for having a wife
like me in his life. I’m so happy. I thought I should thank YOU for
that. So, thanks so much. You have brought back the intimate connection
between us that seemed to have been lost.

Thank you loads. Your advice really does work. 😉

“BOY did he respond”

Just wanted to say thank you for TRB. I have used it several times and
BOY did he respond in a positive way. =-)

-Raichel W.

*Long Distance Connection*

I LOVE the texting romance information. I am recently divorced and have
been texting with someone who just happens to be going through a divorce
right now. He lives 45 minutes from me. We have been texting since July
and it’s great. He was the first boy I ever ‘real kissed’ when we were
younger. It’s really cool to be back in touch with him. Through texting
I can be a bit more assertive and fun. I’m a pretty shy person and texting
allows me to say things I couldn’t normally say in person. I have seen him
only twice in all the months, but we have our 3rd date already planned.
Now because of the texting I even feel more confident when I’m with him.
I love keeping him interested with the awesome texts that I have learned
from you.

Thanks so much!!

*From “Player” To “Boyfriend” in just a few texts?*

The guy I was dating was only interested in 1 night stands or,
as he put it, ‘zero collateral damage’ rule and didn’t want to
get too close to anyone. He didn’t want to sleep with me because
we were friends and he was getting too close to me. That if we did
get physical he would just dump me and look for the next conquest
and that I didn’t deserve that. He just wanted to be friends. I used
the techniques in Text The Romance Back to keep the lines of communication
open. . .THEY WORKED. My guy was so totally flattered and loved by my
‘virtual’ show of affection and ‘text massages’ that he is the one
going out of his way to keep in contact with me and finds me totally
irresistible!! As he puts it, no other woman has done that for him and
I have gotten under his skin!!


*Works even if you don’t text?*

I use these messages for email messages because my lover does not
have a cell phone. I like the messages that are a bit longer and I
like the ADVANCED messages. I’m in a long distance relationship and
these messages have really helped us stay close although we’re apart.
My love partner now writes back in a similar way. We always use the
present tense like you say =-).

-M.G., 62

And those are just a few of the hundreds of success stories Mike has
gotten with Text The Romance Back 2.0. . .

Plain and simple, this stuff WORKS. . .

Is it “magic?”

Of course not.

And you know what? If you just grab the program and send just ONE text
it’s NOT going to change your life. . .

But if you work the program the way Mike lays out (the way THOUSANDS
of women just like you have. . . married women. . . divorced women. . .
single women. . .)

You’ll MELT him. . .

You’ll chip away at his cold exterior. . .

You’ll get him to OPEN up.

You’ll get him to chase you and romance you the way you’ve always
dreamed of…

If you act RIGHT NOW Mike will let you have his complete “Text The
Romance Back 2.0″ program PLUS his “Facebook Romance Secrets”program
PLUS a bunch of other bonuses at a WHOPPINGLY discounted price. . .

But you have to act NOW because he’s probably going to RAISE the price
(or even double it) soon. It’s just too cheap for the amazing results
it’s gotten for so many women.

Here’s the link again. . .



P.S. Oh yeah I promised you a FAILURE story. . .

I can’t tell you the name of the woman who sent this, but here’s an
email Mike recently got. . .

Mike! Help me! I tried your textings on the man I love. He tells
me he loves me and only me, but he continues to sleep with other women
and even got one of them pregnant!!


Obviously the guy this woman is dealing with isn’t WORTH her love. . .

But if you’re dealing with a good guy. . .

Or if you’re dating around. . .

This stuff is POWERFUL. . .

Try it out. You’ll like it. I promise.

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“Bait” him into chasing you . . .
Text Him Into HUNTING you . . .

Hey, it’s (YOUR NAME) . . .

And today I want to introduce you to my friend Mike Fiore. . .

And show you an amazing way to get your boyfriend, your husband
or that ONE GUY you want so much (but who always seems to ignore
you) to CHASE YOU and crawl over broken glass to have you (and
only you) in his arms. . .

You can hear what Mike is all about (and the amazing results he gets
for women) here. . .

I was talking to Mike recently and he said that for a guy to really
COMMIT to a woman he has to feel like he’s EARNED her. . .

But a guy will only chase you if you tease him and bait him into
it. . .

So how do you “BAIT” a guy?

By texting him “Bait Questions” that sink into his brain and draw him
to you like a powerful electromagnet. . .

Mike talks about this in his amazing “Text The Romance Back 2.0″
program, but Bait questions are short questions you send to a guy
that keep him off balance and thinking you’re INSANELY INTRIGUING. . .

And they do it WITHOUT you ever feeling like you’re chasing him or
even hitting on him at all. . .

Here’s on of my favorite “Bait Questions” I got out of Mike’s program. . .

“If I were a genie and could grant you three wishes, what would they

I LOVE this one because it opens up a huge amount of conversational
options for you and a guy you like (and REALLY want to like you.). . .

And it lets you TEST a guy to see if he’s somebody you really want to
date or not. . .

AND it’s a question that’s pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to ignore. It’s a
heck of a lot more effective than the “what’s up” most folks send over
text. . .

According to Mike, the key to a great “Bait Question” is to keep a guy
kind of confused.

Obviously he knows you want to talk to him in SOME way if you’re sending
him “Bait” like that. . .

But you’re not grabbing his bicep or shaking like a stripper or being
NEEDY like most women. . .

Of course that’s just a tiny taste of the amazing effect you can have
on a guy just by sending simple texts from the cell phone you’ve got
in your purse or pocket right now. . .

Go watch this video to learn EXACTLY how to “Text The Romance Back”
into your life… whether you’re married, single, divorced or just feel
like the guys you meet won’t “Step Up” and romance you the way you want. . .



P.S. No matter what, you need to go watch this video. . .

You’ll learn more about men in 10 minutes watching this than you will in
a year on your own. . .

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Subject Lines

INSANELY short email . . .
Romantic Remote Control . . .
Text him this tonight . . .
HOW did she do that?

Hey, it’s (YOUR NAME) . . .

I felt like I had to share it with you. . .

It shows what happened on NATIONAL TELEVISION when a woman
used a few “weird” texts on her boyfriend. . .



P.S. Make sure you watch the whole video. What this guy says about
the THREE THINGS you need to do to make a guy a “Romantic Beast”
will change your life. . .

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Subject Lines

Astonishing Romance
(Controversial Video)
Can TEXTS Really Do That?

Hey, it’s (YOUR NAME) . . .

My friend Mike Fiore was on The Rachael Ray Show recently. . .

Just 30 seconds into his appearance he gave the audience a simple
text message that made every woman in the audience swoon. . .

And that made Rachael say she “tingled all over.”

But that wasn’t the best part. . .

The best part was how a woman in the audience used a few of the
messages Mike gave her. . .

And got her “lummox” of a boyfriend to properly seduce her for
the first time in years. . .

Mike talks about the whole thing in this video. . .

Plus he says some controversial things about the real reason guys
don’t act “Romantic” (even though they secretly want to.)

This video is coming down soon, so you’ll need to watch it now:



P.S. If you’re bored in your relationship and wondering where the
romance and love are you need to watch this now.

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Subject Lines

Are you in Romantic Siberia?
What “Romance” Means To A Man
Why he’s not romantic
He’ll make you swoon. . .
Whatever happened to the romance?

Hey, it’s (YOUR NAME) . . .

When was the last time your husband or boyfriend (or even a guy you
were just casually seeing). . .

Really made you swoon?

When was the last time you felt butterflies go through your whole body
at something he did. . .

Or said. . .

Or the way he looked at you?

When was the last time you really felt the kind of ROMANCE in your
relationship that you dreamed about when you were a little girl?

If you’re like most women it’s been A WHILE. . .

Heck, if you’re like a lot of women it’s been FOREVER.

If you’re like most women you’ve probably fallen for the big LIE that
says that guys just “aren’t romantic”. . .

That they’d rather watch football and drink beer than actually connect
with you. . .

That all they care about is sex.

But the weird truth is that the reason most guys aren’t “Romantic” isn’t
about him at all. . .

It’s about you. . .

Plain and simple, most men have a “secret romantic” inside. . .

And you can wake him up and let him out just by following a few easy steps. . .



P.S. Would you rather have to beg and plead for your man to be even a
LITTLE romantic. . . Or would you rather he give you the romance you crave
all on his own?

Watch this video now:

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Subject Lines

Text The Romance Back?
Why he’s not romantic
Is he a romantic numbskull?
He Made Rachael Tingle.
(VIDEO) The Dirty Truth About Romance
Is the Romance Dead?
The way he looks at you. . .

Hey, it’s (YOUR NAME) . . .

My friend Mike Fiore just put up this new video where he teaches
you the secret real reason men aren’t “romantic”. . .

And shows you how to use tiny little text messages sent from your
average cell phone to turn even the biggest “Romantic Numbskull”
into a passionate “Prince Charming” — literally overnight.

Check out the video while you can, and let me know what you think!



P.S. Mike is a bit of a celebrity (he’s been on The Rachael Ray Show,
interviewed by a bunch of newspapers and magazines and has a *weird*
method for injecting romance into your relationship literally at the
push of a button.

P.P.S. I never thought this would work. . . Then I watched the video and
was blown away.

Go check out his video now:

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Subject Lines

How not to love a man . . .
This is what makes men cheat

Hey, it’s (YOUR NAME) . . .

So here’s a simple, undeniable fact. . .

When it comes to love, CRITICISM is like a toxic disease that eats away
at even the best relationship and actually kills even the strongest love.

Actually, guys write me and talk about this all the time.

They say “I love her, but all I ever hear from is what she DOESN’T like
about me, what I DON’T do good enough.”

I call it the myth of Prince Charming.

See, ever since you were a little girl most women have had this “ideal”
guy living in their heads. This perfect prince who will sweep you off
your feet and make you happier than any woman alive.

And while this perfect guy doesn’t exist. . .

It’s actually *really* easy to wake up a guy’s “Inner prince charming”
and his own “Secret Romantic.”

See, this might sound weird, but guys WANT to romance you, wine and
dine you, sweep you off your feet. . .

But to get them to do that you have to plant the right kind of seed in
his mind. . .

Actually, stop whatever you’re doing right now and go watch this video
by Michael Fiore. . .

It shows Michael on the Rachael Ray show a few years ago talking about
how to use tiny little text messages to create incredible connection with
a guy. . .

So instead of feeling criticized he feels wanted, loved, adored, respected
and INSPIRED to give you what you’re craving so much.



P.S. A lot of women don’t believe that “tiny little text messages” can have
such a profound effect on a man. . .

Then they watch this video. . .

They try it themselves. . .

And then send emails like this:

Mike, I need to thank you so much! My husband has been pulling away for so
long now. I used one of the messages you told me about. He came home that night
and wrapped me in his arms, looked right into my eyes and kissed me so deeply.
He said that one little message I sent made him pull over on the side of the road
and actually cry. Incredible!

P.P.S. If you’re not in a relationship right now you really need to hear about
the “First Date Texts” I came up with. . .

Go watch the video now:

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Subject Lines

Do these 3 things to turn him into your "Romantic Beast". . .
He doesn't feel "safe" with you???
Why he's not romantic. . .
Make him chase you with these simple texts. . .

Hey, it’s (YOUR NAME) . . .

You probably don’t know this but there are just THREE things you
have to do to “wake up” the romance center of any man’s brain and
turn him into the “Romantic Beast” you deserve (and desire so much). . .

There are just 3 things you have to do to get out of “Romantic Siberia”
and get turn your man into the “Romantic Beast” you deserve. . .

First you need to REMIND HIM what a valuable prize you are. . . and bait
him into hunting and chasing you again. . .

Second you need to give him *permission* to be a guy. . .

And third you need to make him feel SAFE. . .

And you can do all of that with the cell phone you’ve got in your pocket
or purse right now. . .

Just by watching this short video my friend Michael Fiore put up. . .

If you want more than anything for that one guy to HUNT you again,
you NEED to watch this video now. . .



P.S. The very beginning of the video shows Mike on The Rachael Ray Show
and what happened when one woman used his techniques on her boyfriend.

Make sure you watch the look on Rachael’s face when she sees the results. . .

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