Exit Pop-ups

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Exit pop-ups (or “exit pops”) are active by default on all of our sales pages.

These scripts appear when a visitor tries to leave the sales page, and offer a free promotional incentive in exchange for the user’s email address. Subscribers are added to our remarketing list, and we send a series of emails encouraging them to return to the offer and complete the sales process.

What do exit pops mean for you?

When the customer returns to purchase the product, your affiliate ID is still associated with the lead, and your account will be credited in Clickbank. Our email campaigns are respectful of the subscriber, but they’re also fairly aggressive, and a number of leads who would otherwise be lost eventually return to purchase the product. And when they do, you’ll get the conversion.

Turning exit pops off

Some advertising networks won’t allow links to offers that contain exit pop scripts. You can disable exit pops using your hoplink. Just add ep=0 to the end of the hoplink.

Example hoplink:

Example hoplink with exit pop suppression:

Example hoplink with exit pop suppression and tracking id:

You can use the hoplink tools page for any offer to easily create a hoplink that will disable the exit pop-up.

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