For Men – This text gives her permission to sleep with you. . .

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This text gives her PERMISSION to sleep with you . . .
The “fuck me” text?
Never get turned down for sex again?

Hey, it’s (YOUR NAME) . . .

How’s your day going?

Today I want to talk to you about a weird fact about
female psychology.

See a lot of guys have this weird idea in their head
that women don’t like sex, that women don’t fantasize
about guys and that women need to be “tricked” into
sleeping with you. . .

But that’s absolute bullshit.

From all my work teaching women about men I’ve gotten a
TON of emails from women saying just how horny and desperate
they are for a guy to seduce them, pull their hair, whisper
dirty things in her ear. . .

But here’s the thing:

Even though women WANT sex as much as you do (if not more,
actually – a lot of studies show that women actually enjoy
sex more than guys do) there’s one big HURDLE in a woman’s
mind that keeps her from just throwing you down in the mall
food court and riding you like a stallion. . .

And that hurdle is called “The Slut Barrier”. . .

What the heck is that?

It’s this massive BLOCK in a woman’s mind that keeps her
from asking for the hot, wonderful sex she wants so damned
much. . .

Because even though a woman (especially if she’s over 30)
WANTS you. . .

She’s also desperately afraid of being looked at as a “slut.”

So how do you get her over the “Slut Barrier” so she’ll get
on top of you?

Well, first off you go watch this video:

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In it I show you the wild impact simple text messages can have
on a woman’s mind (whether she’s your wife, your neighbor or some
girl you just met.)

But what I DON’T talk about in the video is how effective these
text messages are at giving a woman a psychological excuse when
it comes to fucking your brains out. . .

See, if you use these texts the right way, a girl gets to put the
“blame” for her wild, frenzied passion 100% on you. . . So instead
of beating herself up. . .

She can toy with you, tease you, give herself to you 100%. . .

All because you gave her PERMISSION to give in to her secret,
overwhelming desires. . .

And all you have to do to open her mind (and her legs) is use a
little “text romance”. . .

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Listen: Over the last couple years I’ve gotten literally THOUSANDS
of emails from guys telling me that Text The Romance Back is the
single most powerful thing they’ve ever used in the battle of the
sexes. . .

It doesn’t matter if you’re old, fat, broke, stupid, ugly or have
a little dick. . .

If you can master the sexual and emotional psychology of women this
simple way. . .

Well, you’ll see the results for yourself.

Go watch this video and grab TRB. You won’t regret that you did:

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