For Men – Undumpable

Subject Lines

Leave her shuddering with desire.
Recently dumped? Do this.
Josh’s little secret (VIDEO)
The secret of the “UNDUMPABLE”

Hey, it’s (YOUR NAME) . . .

When Candice dumped Josh two months ago, his ego was
bruised. . .

When he saw Candice starting dating his best friend at
work, he was crushed. . .

But then Josh did some research, and found this. . .

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A few weeks later, Candice is back in Josh’s pad. . . giving
him a foot massage. . .

. . .after making him breakfast in bed.

What happened?

He made himself “undumpable”

By using this:

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P.S. This stuff is like kryptonite for the walls around your
ex’s heart. . .

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