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How not to love a man . . .
This is what makes men cheat

Hey, it’s (YOUR NAME) . . .

So here’s a simple, undeniable fact. . .

When it comes to love, CRITICISM is like a toxic disease that eats away
at even the best relationship and actually kills even the strongest love.

Actually, guys write me and talk about this all the time.

They say “I love her, but all I ever hear from is what she DOESN’T like
about me, what I DON’T do good enough.”

I call it the myth of Prince Charming.

See, ever since you were a little girl most women have had this “ideal”
guy living in their heads. This perfect prince who will sweep you off
your feet and make you happier than any woman alive.

And while this perfect guy doesn’t exist. . .

It’s actually *really* easy to wake up a guy’s “Inner prince charming”
and his own “Secret Romantic.”

See, this might sound weird, but guys WANT to romance you, wine and
dine you, sweep you off your feet. . .

But to get them to do that you have to plant the right kind of seed in
his mind. . .

Actually, stop whatever you’re doing right now and go watch this video
by Michael Fiore. . .

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It shows Michael on the Rachael Ray show a few years ago talking about
how to use tiny little text messages to create incredible connection with
a guy. . .

So instead of feeling criticized he feels wanted, loved, adored, respected
and INSPIRED to give you what you’re craving so much.

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P.S. A lot of women don’t believe that “tiny little text messages” can have
such a profound effect on a man. . .

Then they watch this video. . .

They try it themselves. . .

And then send emails like this:

Mike, I need to thank you so much! My husband has been pulling away for so
long now. I used one of the messages you told me about. He came home that night
and wrapped me in his arms, looked right into my eyes and kissed me so deeply.
He said that one little message I sent made him pull over on the side of the road
and actually cry. Incredible!

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P.P.S. If you’re not in a relationship right now you really need to hear about
the “First Date Texts” I came up with. . .

Go watch the video now:

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