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She did THAT with a TEXT?
AMAZING result

Hey, it’s (YOUR NAME) . . .

The other day I sent you a message about Mike Fiore’s “Text
The Romance Back” 2.0 program. . .

{Your Affiliate Link}

Since then I’ve gotten a LOT of emails from women asking if
this is “for real” and you can really get that kind of amazing
attention from a man just by sending him a couple of text
messages. . .

And I TOTALLY understand. . .

When I first stumbled onto Mike’s stuff after seeing him on TV
I had a LOT of doubts. . .

Then I started reading through some of the success stories Mike
has had with the THOUSANDS of women who have used his program. . .

I don’t want you to miss out if this is what you’ve been looking
for (if you want a way to CONNECT with a man and have him give you
the love and attention you deserve. . .)

So here’s several amazing SUCCESS stories from women who have
used TRB 2.0. . .

And one HORRIBLE FAILURE story of one woman it DID NOT work for
at all. . .

“He Broke Down Crying”

Hi. Today my husband was so tired and frustrated with his work
that he literally shouted at me on the phone.

I sent him a message saying ‘If I were there right now. . . imagine
my soft hands on your shoulders, your muscles melting under my
touch, my long nails dragging across your skin. You feel yourself
melting into your chair like your muscles are loose spaghetti.
Like you couldn’t be tense no matter how hard you tried.

All that tension flows out of you like water out of a spigot. Your
skin tingles. You feel my breathe on your neck, my lips lightly kiss
your skin and all your worries fly away.

I love you, baby. Calm down.

As soon as his work ended, he read my message and immediately called
me and started saying how he cannot thank God enough for having a wife
like me in his life. I’m so happy. I thought I should thank YOU for
that. So, thanks so much. You have brought back the intimate connection
between us that seemed to have been lost.

Thank you loads. Your advice really does work. 😉

“BOY did he respond”

Just wanted to say thank you for TRB. I have used it several times and
BOY did he respond in a positive way. =-)

-Raichel W.

*Long Distance Connection*

I LOVE the texting romance information. I am recently divorced and have
been texting with someone who just happens to be going through a divorce
right now. He lives 45 minutes from me. We have been texting since July
and it’s great. He was the first boy I ever ‘real kissed’ when we were
younger. It’s really cool to be back in touch with him. Through texting
I can be a bit more assertive and fun. I’m a pretty shy person and texting
allows me to say things I couldn’t normally say in person. I have seen him
only twice in all the months, but we have our 3rd date already planned.
Now because of the texting I even feel more confident when I’m with him.
I love keeping him interested with the awesome texts that I have learned
from you.

Thanks so much!!

*From “Player” To “Boyfriend” in just a few texts?*

The guy I was dating was only interested in 1 night stands or,
as he put it, ‘zero collateral damage’ rule and didn’t want to
get too close to anyone. He didn’t want to sleep with me because
we were friends and he was getting too close to me. That if we did
get physical he would just dump me and look for the next conquest
and that I didn’t deserve that. He just wanted to be friends. I used
the techniques in Text The Romance Back to keep the lines of communication
open. . .THEY WORKED. My guy was so totally flattered and loved by my
‘virtual’ show of affection and ‘text massages’ that he is the one
going out of his way to keep in contact with me and finds me totally
irresistible!! As he puts it, no other woman has done that for him and
I have gotten under his skin!!


*Works even if you don’t text?*

I use these messages for email messages because my lover does not
have a cell phone. I like the messages that are a bit longer and I
like the ADVANCED messages. I’m in a long distance relationship and
these messages have really helped us stay close although we’re apart.
My love partner now writes back in a similar way. We always use the
present tense like you say =-).

-M.G., 62

And those are just a few of the hundreds of success stories Mike has
gotten with Text The Romance Back 2.0. . .

Plain and simple, this stuff WORKS. . .

Is it “magic?”

Of course not.

And you know what? If you just grab the program and send just ONE text
it’s NOT going to change your life. . .

But if you work the program the way Mike lays out (the way THOUSANDS
of women just like you have. . . married women. . . divorced women. . .
single women. . .)

You’ll MELT him. . .

You’ll chip away at his cold exterior. . .

You’ll get him to OPEN up.

You’ll get him to chase you and romance you the way you’ve always
dreamed of…

If you act RIGHT NOW Mike will let you have his complete “Text The
Romance Back 2.0″ program PLUS his “Facebook Romance Secrets”program
PLUS a bunch of other bonuses at a WHOPPINGLY discounted price. . .

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But you have to act NOW because he’s probably going to RAISE the price
(or even double it) soon. It’s just too cheap for the amazing results
it’s gotten for so many women.

Here’s the link again. . .

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P.S. Oh yeah I promised you a FAILURE story. . .

I can’t tell you the name of the woman who sent this, but here’s an
email Mike recently got. . .

Mike! Help me! I tried your textings on the man I love. He tells
me he loves me and only me, but he continues to sleep with other women
and even got one of them pregnant!!


Obviously the guy this woman is dealing with isn’t WORTH her love. . .

But if you’re dealing with a good guy. . .

Or if you’re dating around. . .

This stuff is POWERFUL. . .

Try it out. You’ll like it. I promise.

{Your Affiliate Link}

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