For Women – Why He Left

Subject Lines

Why he’s pulling further away from you. . .
Why he left you
The mistake you’re making with your ex. . .
Why your ex won’t come back (unless. . .)

Hey, it’s (YOUR NAME) . . .

When you get dumped, it hurts. . .

And it’s natural to try to do everything you can to get
back together. . .

But if you’re like most people, what you’re doing is
actually driving your ex further and further away. . .

You CAN reverse the cycle. . . but you need some inside
knowledge first.

Which you can get right here:

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Hit the link above and discover how a few well placed TEXT
messages. . .

Can have him needing you like he’s never needed anything in
his life.



P.S. The teasing you can do to him with this is almost

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So don’t be TOO evil 😉

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