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WHY he doesn’t want you anymore
Why you can’t win back your ex. . .
What your ex-boyfriend will never tell you. . .
“He just wants to be friends?”
He’s never coming back?

Hey, it’s (YOUR NAME) . . .

If you want your ex-boyfriend back but can’t even get him to answer
your calls, you already know how awful it is. . .

That obsessive pain in your chest. . .

How you feel on the edge of tears every moment of every day. . .

How the thought of him talking to… touching. . . being with another
woman just makes you sick. . .

The anger. The nausea. The horrible rejection.

And all those long, sleepless nights staring at the ceiling wondering
WHY. . .?

WHY did he leave?

WHY won’t he talk to you?

WHAT did YOU do to make him walk away?

And HOW do you get him back, loving you, adoring you and promising
never to hurt you like that again?

Well, if you really want him back (and I know how much you do), then
you need to stop everything and go watch this video right now. . .

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The reason this video is so important is because it teaches you the
REAL reason he won’t come back to you (and why everything you’ve tried
so far has backfired and pushed him further away from you). . .

PLUS it shows you how to seduce that one man back into your life just
by tapping out a few simple messages on your cell phone (even if he
never answers your texts now.)

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P.S. The reason I like this “Text Your Ex Back” method so much is because
Mike tells you EXACTLY what to do so you can’t really mess it up. . .

Just take a deep breath, follow the steps and relax and you’ll be amazed
at how well it works to bring him back into your life. . .

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