[Health List] How to get your man’s attention without STARVING yourself. . .

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Let me answer ALL your questions . . . (Important)
(DIRTY) but amazing . . .
What he thinks when he sees you naked . . .
What he FEELS when he sees you naked . . .
Why what comes out of your mouth is more important than when you put into it (this’ll make sense I swear.)
How to get your man’s attention without STARVING yourself . . .
The “Lingerie Nightmare” and how to turn him on with ALL your clothes on . . .
Whisper these words and he’ll never think about your weight again . . .
Whisper these words and he’ll never think about your “problem areas” again . . .
Men love “fat” women who know THIS . . .

Hey, it’s (YOUR NAME) . . .

Ok, before we get going I have to warn you. . .

Today’s email gets a LITTLE bit dirty.

But it also gets REALLY fun.

You may have heard me mention Felicity Keith in the past and her brilliant
Language of Desire product.

Well, quite a number of your [NAME OF PRODUCT] sisters have actually
been pinging me with a number of questions. Well today . . . I’m going to
give you the hidden “guy’s truth” behind the most common question I’ve
been getting.

Now, I’m no expert — Felicity is — but I do know what men crave from a

Ok. . .

I’m going to pick Monica’s version of the question since it’s the most
common one.

Here’s my problem: Sex between me and my boyfriend has gotten kinda
boring. I love him. I think he loves me, but it seems like when we’re
making love it’s just kinda rote and disconnected.

I’ve been doing the [NAME OF PRODUCT] now for 3 months.The results
are great! I feel sexy. I’m getting less insecure about me being naked
and well I want to take advantage of it! I thought he would just want to
ravish me and seduce me. But it’s like he’s pre-occupied. Now, he does ask
me to talk dirty sometimes. But I have no idea what to do. I don’t want to
sound like some sort of skanky bimbo. The main thing is, I just want him to
pay attention to me and make love to me the way he used to and I don’t know
what to do.

Monica, thank you for your question.

And I’m going to give you the same answer I give every woman. . .

If you want your man to be 100% focused on you. . . Fantasizing about you
during the day. . .

Counting down the minutes until he gets to see you again. . .

You don’t have to go to couples therapy.

You don’t have to resort to starving yourself hoping to get your tummy sexy
for him.

You don’t have to buy a bunch of sexy lingerie (though there’s nothing wrong
with doing that if you want.)

Nope, if you want your guy to become sexually and emotionally addicted to
you, all you have to do is learn to TALK DIRTY and make love to his mind.

I’ve said this a lot, but a man’s number one erogenous zone isn’t in his
pants, it’s in his head. . .

Look: Guys live in a state of perpetual sexual fantasy. And we all dream
of meeting a woman who really understands our sexual buttons and knows
how to push them in a really powerful way.

So here’s what I recommend:

If you haven’t seen it yet, then drop whatever your doing and watch video:

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Felicity Keith, the expert behind Language Of Desire is not some crazed

Nor is she the woman at the gym. . . who is glistening with sweat wearing
nothing but a sports bra (and it looks like she put pencil eraser nubs
inside you know where) for a top. . . and sporting yoga pants that seem
to not leave much to the imagination for the men staring at her (I mean
it’s hard not too when you’re showing that much camel-toe sister).

She is really just your average, early 40’s soccer mom. . .

But what you’ll learn in her video (and when you hear her CRAZY story) is
her “secret code” to men’s erotic minds. . . In fact, I guarantee she can
teach you how to get a man sexually OBSESSED and ADDICTED to you without
even touching him. . .

Listen, if you’re nervous or feel self-conscious talking dirty. . . or if
you feel kind of dumb because you just don’t know what to say, you really
need to check out what Felicity has to say.

Look, you won’t believe what it feels like once you learn what Felicity
has to teach you and feel that amazing CONFIDENCE that comes from knowing
EXACTLY what to say to a man. . .



Just whisper these words. . . he’ll forget all about the yoga pant sports bra
hussy. . . and he’ll slay a dragon, crawl across broken glass and do ANYTHING
to be with you (and only you) forever. . .

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