(HTK) PRIZES (2 days to go until it RAINS CASH!!!)

Hey Awesome affiliates!

It’s Chris “Mr. Moneyfingers” Haddad writing you from SECRET LOCATION in Washington D.C. (OK, I’m in the lobby of the Embassy Suites wearing tights and getting VERY odd looks from grumpy government types who have no joy in their lives.)

Did I mention I just HAPPEN to be in D.C. for Trump’s hundredth day? Didn’t plan it that way but it’s REALLY interesting walking around and seeing THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of people protesting. (My favorite signs so far feature characters from “Rick and Morty” and they are awsome.)

ANYWAY, let’s put all that political BS behind us for a moment and talk about what REALLY matters in our world: YOU making a TON of moolah by promoting “How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love!”

(What the world needs now is Kisses that make you fall in love, sweet kisses that make you fall in love.)

Just to recap some important stuff in case you’ve been REALLY drunk the last few days . . .

1. Our How To Kiss A Man SALES CONTEST is running from Monday May 1 to Monday May 8!
If you do not take part you will feel bad about yourself! (Also, you will not make HEAPING PILES OF MONEY.)

2. I’ve just put some FREE training up for you on our affiliate blog that shows you how we “bridge” articles on our Facebook page to our offers. (You can use these exact same techniques to “bridge” youtube videos promoting How To Kiss A Man or any of our other offers from your own Youtube videos or your articles.)

Parts 1, 2, and 3 of the training is can be found right here and it’s FREE!


3. THIS THING IS CONVERTING LIKE A MOFO! I have to be honest here, I’ve done more drafts of this VSL in the last two weeks than anything else I’ve ever worked on and it has been WORTH IT. I mean, yesterday I was typing madly with our AMAZING new hook right up until I had to get up on stage at a mastermind and talk about HOOKS (how meta.)

HTK has actually been converting REALLY well on every version of the VSL but you know me, IF IT ISN’T THE BEST THING EVER IT SUCKS!

That’s why I’ve been typing my fingers to the bone to GUARANTEE you will make GIANT HEAPS OF CASH when you promote BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!

You can check out the newest iteration of the VSL (which broadens the offer a bit more so it isn’t focused so much on single women but can appeal to a wider variety like LOD) RIGHT HERE:


Oh and did I mention our patented “SUCK THE DAMN CASH OUT OF THEIR WALLETS” upsell funnel is . . . uhh . . . sucking the cash out of their wallets? It is. Which means MORE MOOLAH FOR YOU!!

4. I’m STILL planning on doing a VSL walkthrough where I reveal ALL my secrets in the next few days once I’m back home in Seattle so keep your eye out.

5. Affiliate TOOLS are all ready for you at:



6. If you have ANY questions you can hit ME up personally on skype (my name is WORDMERC, just make sure you say you’re an affiliate when you ask to connect so I don’t think you are a scammer.)

7. If you want to do a webinar or interview with Michael Fiore about the program PLEASE LET ME KNOW.


ALL THE WAY during the contest period EVERY SALE you make counts in our sales contest.

The prizes are:

1st PRIZE – $2,000 in COLD HARD CASH (American!) AND 1 hour of private 1-on-1 consulting with Chris “Mr. Moneyfingers” Haddad ($2,000 value)

2nd Prize – $1,000 cold hard cash OR 1 hour of private 1-on-1 consulting with Chris “Mr. Moneyfingers” Haddad

3rd Prize – $500 cold hard cash OR 20 minutes of “lightning” consulting with Chris “Mr. Moneyfiners” Haddad

PLUS if you don’t win one of the top 3 prizes then every sale you make counts as a “raffle ticket.” When the contest is over we’ll randomly draw FIVE names to win $100 just for being cool.

And who knows what ELSE we might give away once the sales start rolling in.



OK, I’m going to go dodge the protesters and try to get to the airport.




P.S. Hey, if you’ve been a DRI affiliate for any length of time you already know this particular “Guiding Principle” we run our company under.

Ready: “Our number one job is to make our AFFILIATES money. Not us, our AFFILIATES.”

Affilate marketing has been VERY good to us over the last 5-plus years (hell, affiliate marketing pretty much saved my life. Without the affiliate traffic fueling our offers while I was a freaking zombie during my battle with LYME disease I’d probably be homeless and comatose right now. So . . . thanks!) . . .

And we know that the more money we make YOU, the more money WE are going to make LONG TERM. The stupidest thing you can do as a internet marketer is get greedy and the reason our offers still convert like gangbusters and why DRI will be around for decades to come is because we take the long view and do everything we can to take care of amazing affiliates like YOU.


OK, that’s it for today . . .

Are you excited? You should be excited. I’m excited. Hell, I’m hyperventilating. I need to go to yoga. Like right now.


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