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Product Shots

Illustrations of the product and bonuses.

  • Just the Box
  • Fancy Box
  • Core Products
  • All Products
  • Wide Shot
  • Package (Large)
    High Resolution shots of the CHH Package.
  • Bonuses (Large)
    High Resolution shots of all the CHH Bonus Products that are included in the Capture His Heart Bundle.

Logos and Branding Elements

  • Logo
  • The Heart Catcher
  • Large Logo
Author Headshots

Claire Casey herself!

  • Claire Casey Small
  • All Headshots, Full Size
Video Player Previews

Capture His Heart sales video stills (Work great as call-to-action buttons)

  • Mini Player
  • Animated (Email-ready)
  • Branded Preview
  • Call to Action Player
  • Full Set (4 images)
7 Massive Mistakes Incentive

Free PDF report that visitors receive for subscribing to the Capture His Heart Newsletter

  • Report Mockup
  • Alternate Angle
  • "Free Report" Banner