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Logos and icons

  • Logo on white
  • Logo Treatment (Dark)
  • TRB Icon
  • All logo sizes and icons
Three Magic Texts Promotional Giveaway

Leads who opt into our follow-up list will receive the “3 Magic Texts” report

  • Flat Cover
  • 3D Cover Mockup
  • Promo Call-to-Action
  • Additional Sizes
  • Promotional Images
Product Shots

Mockups of the Text the Romance Back Package, including bonus products

  • Full TRB Package
  • Full TRB Pack (Alt)
  • Core Product Set
  • Product Set (small)
  • Audiobook (Small)
    Pre-sized Audiobook Image
  • Full Package (Hi-Res)
  • Individual Bonus Items
    Individual shots of Facebook Romance Secrets, the TRB Crib Sheet, TRB FAQs, and The "I Like Myself" Worksheet
Michael Fiore on Rachael Ray

Stills and video player mockups from Text the Romance Back’s feature appearance on The Rachael Ray Show

  • Screenshot
  • Widescreen
  • Video Player CTA
Author Headshots

Promotional photos of Michael Fiore for Text the Romance Back

  • With TRB Phone
  • M. Fiore 1
  • M. Fiore 2
  • M. Fiore 3
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