Crack the Girl Code

The WEIRDEST sales video we’ve ever done.

There’s a few things you’re going to love about “Crack The Girl Code.”


The first is, of course, the astonishing conversions you’ve gotten used to with products from Digital Romance.

But what you’re going to love even more is the slack jawed “WTF” response you get when you show the sales video to your friends.

Here it is so you can check it out:

Crack The Girl Code is our first “not written by Mike” product for men and it’s got the LOWEST refund rate of anything we’ve seen in the men’s market.

The product was created by a woman who’s been helping guys get girl and get laid for the last DECADE. . . .

And that special perspective (being a GIRL who’s teaching guys how to pick up girls) is what really sets it apart.

Now, the puppets in the sales video are kind of awesome, but they’re really just a medium to let Mike’s diabolical copywriting flow into the mind of your prospects.

The story Mike tells in the video is:

A. True (he really was that much of a geek)
B. Designed to to make any guy watching it feel like they know EXACTLY where Mike is coming from and that they can trust him.

Our “Girl Code” launch was a monster with everybody from “pick up artists” to “manliness experts” jumping into the fray.

And we learned a few big things about this offer and what makes it work:

1. The sales video is “clean.”

Or at least as clean as it can be with sexy puppets.

LISTEN: Most of the stuff aimed at guys these days is downright pornographic and we avoided that because we want you to be able to promote our stuff with pride.

Sure, the vid gets a LITTLE bit sexy, but at the end of the day there’s no swears, no nudity or anything like that.

Which means it’s that incredibly rare thing: A offer for guys that CONVERTS and that you can actually put on non-porn sites.

Crazy, huh?

2. The “VIDEO GAME CHEAT CODE” is what really drives the traffic on this offer. The guys we’re aiming at with this one are really the first generation that grew up with video games. They’re also “Geeky” guys who REALLY wish they could just push a button to make a woman like them.

You can get your swipe emails, banners and everything else you need to start making money with “Crack The Girl Code” by going here:

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  • Sales Page Preview
  • Vendor ID girlnow
  • Main Offer Price $49.99
  • Commission Rate 75%
  • Maximum Upsell Value $104
  • Excellent for…

    Single Men, 18 – 55

  • Not good for…

    Women, Men in Serious Relationships

  • Author Ms. X
  • Delivered via Membership Site
  • Media Ebook, Audio, Video