Language of Lust

The Language of Lust by Lawrence Lanoff

Test Affiliates are calling “The Language of Lust” “As rare as a Unicorn” and “The best thing we’ve promoted on Clickbank EVER.”


LoL CONVERTS on fitness, survival, men’s hobby, conservative, dating and self help traffic . . .

LoL CONVERTS on social media . . .

LoL CONVERTS on COLD traffic . . .

LoL CONVERTS single men, married men, tall men, short men, handsome men, ugly men, old men, short men and everything in between. Why? Because LoL isn’t a narrow “pickup” offer at all . . . it’s been specifically designed to be incredibly alluring and incredibly effective for ALL heterosexual guys who want to almost-magically be better with women . . . and it uses deep psychological copywriting techniques to have customers diving for their wallets even if they haven’t watched the whole video.

Sales video written by 9-figure copywriting legend Chris “Mr. Moneyfingers” Haddad and every inch of the funnel has been tested, tuned and perfected to make you a TON of money.

EVEN BETTER the whole funnel is 100% Mobile Optimized so you know even those “Tough Clicks” will convert . . . refunds are INFINITESIMAL . . .

FUNNEL based off best practices and lessons learned with our insanely-popular (Clickbank Top 10 perennial) “Language of Desire” offer.

NOTE: If you’ve got access to men’s traffic AND women’s traffic try both LoL and LoD and sit back in gobsmacked awe as you see the cash come rushing in.


Here’s What Early Test Affiliates Have To Say About “The Language Of Lust.”



“An Offer Like This Is As Rare As A #$#@$ing Unicorn. Promote It!”


“Fucking Unicorns.

Beautiful and rare.  But these days, you have a better chance of finding
a Unicorn, then you do of finding a high converting men’s seduction offer.

Which is why I was so pumped when I read Chris Haddad’s latest VSL,
Language of Lust.   I knew he was onto something right away, and being
the industrious half-Jew that I am, I offered to help Chris optimize his landers
in preparation for the coming launch.

And now that the data is rolling in, I have something to say…

‘Chris. I hate you.

It took you 6 hours to write this… AND you’ve got abs??’

Super annoying.

Seriously guys – I’m getting over $2 epc out of the gate – on a brand
new offer w zero optimization.   In case you’re new to dating, that’s almost
unheard of in this vertical.  And I predict that after 2 rounds of testing,
Language of Lust will be doing $3-4 epc’s for most warm traffic affiliates.

I don’t know about you, but that’s a Unicorn I wanna ride.”

Julian Foxx
Trueborn Publishing

Best Thing They’ve EVER Promoted On Clickbank???

“Hey Chris,

In all honesty, it’s the best converting product on Clickbank we have tested so far. I scheduled your promo in our test funnel for the next 3 days, so we will be sending you over more traffic.”

Oleg Goyenko


In our own internal testing we’re seeing LoL out-convert other men’s “dating and seduction” offers by DOUBLE . . .

PLUS test traffic over several hundred sales is converting from a super-hot 4% all the way up to a frankly INSANE 10% front end!

Send Clicks, Make Money.




After “The Language of Desire” blew the doors off the Clickbank Marketplace and became the biggest “relationship” launch in CB history we KNEW we were tapping in to a powerful vein in the sexual psychology of our culture . . . and that we’d be damned idiots not to get to work on a similar product for men who want to know how to use “Dirty Words” to access the secret desires of women everywhere.

It took us months just to find “The right guy” to create the product but when we finally got Lawrence Lanoff to sign on the dotted line and get to work on content we knew we’d hit the jackpot. Lawrence is quite simply the best guy I’ve ever met at getting women turned on, adventurous and ready to “explore” their sexuality I’ve ever met. And one hell of a teacher too.

The VSL for “LOL” was a beast for Digital Romance, Inc. founder and 9-figure copywriter Chris “Mr. Moneyfingers” Haddad to write . . .


Because this VSL couldn’t be about “Dirty Talk” any more than the “Language of Desire” letter was. What made LOD work so astonishingly well is that it taps into a DEEP anxiety shared by single women, married women, dating women, older women, younger women . . . every woman out there in the world who worries about keeping a man satisfied, addicted and faithful.

Obviously, a letter aimed at dudes telling them how to make a woman “monogamous for life” through “Magic words” would be a waste of time, so Chris went DEEP and WEIRD and in a totally different direction than anything else out there in the market aimed at guys.
The LOL letter eventually morphed into a humming monster of a letter weaving together the “Feminist Nightmare,” the “Emasculation Of American Men,” powerful feelings of SHAME experienced by “nice guys” everywhere and every guys desire to have sexual MASTERY over women.

The results?

Freaking astonishing conversions.
Actually, at first we thought this VSL sucked. We mailed it to our own list and saw a pitiful (according to Chris’ rather high standards) 2% conversion rate . . .
Then eventually we figured out that while we were making minor tweaks to the offer we’d somehow managed to BREAK the VSL on mobile . . . so 80 freaking percent of our traffic wasn’t even SEEING the VSL.

LOL is a freaking rocket of an offer aimed squarely at guys who feel the pressure of being a “Tamed” man in the modern age and teaches guys EXACTLY what to say to a woman to access her most secret, primal desires.
LOL was built from the ground up to work for single guys, dating guys, married guys, divorced guys  . . .

And the VSL was crafted from the beginning to work on COLD traffic and to convert MOBILE using the best practices we learned on LOD.

Send clicks. Make money.

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  • Sales Page Preview
  • ClickBnak Vendor ID lolust
  • Main Offer Price $47
  • Commission Rate 75%
  • Maximum Upsell Value $201
  • Excellent for…

    Men, 24 — 65, single or in committed relationships.

  • Not good for…

    Women, anyone under 18

  • Author Lawrence Lanoff
  • Delivered via Membership Site
  • Media Ebook, Audio, Video, Coaching