Oral Fixation

So after the massive success of “Text Your Wife Into Bed” I (Michael Fiore) was wracking my brain to try to figure out what to do NEXT. I mean, what did guys WANT that they weren’t getting enough of?

And the answer . . . ??

Blow jobs!

I mean, you’ll be hard pressed to find a man in America or around the world who doesn’t want more (or any, really) blow jobs.

There were already plenty of guides out there for women teaching them how to GIVE great blow jobs but there was nothing at all teaching GUYS how to make giving a blowjob into something their wives or girlfriends were actually EAGER to do.

And so “Oral Fixation” was born.

“Oral Fixation” is a step-by-step guide for guys teaching them the sexual psychology behind making “giving you a blow job” a woman’s new favorite hobby. Far from being misogynistic, Oral Fixation delivers everything it promises by increasing a woman’s “Blow Job Self Esteem” so she learns to enjoy the tremendous power of giving a man head and her ability to give him astonishing pleasure.

Seriously, we’ve gotten emails from guys basically CRYING and saying “Mike, my wife hadn’t even TOUCHED my penis in over 2 years but the other day she gave me an AMAZING blow job and really seemed to think it was 100% her idea! Thanks!”

It’s just that good.

Sales Funnel

The Oral Fixation sales video is one of the most hilarious and effective things I’ve ever written and it puts a smile on my face (and a bulge in my wallet) every time I see it. The video lays the psychological groundwork for the program and has been shown to convert incredibly well no matter what age the guys you send to it are.

Promote Oral Fixation and you won’t only make a ton of moolah, you’ll be helping the world be a better place one Blow Job at a time =-)

Michael Fiore is available for webinars and interviews to promote this program.

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    Women. Anyone under 18.

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