Stroke of Genius

Stroke Of Genius: How To Give An Astonishing Hand Job


Hey! It’s Chris “Mr. Moneyfingers” Haddad here . . .

And dammit, I MISSED YOU.

See, in the years since we launched “The Language of Desire” (The biggest women’s launch EVER on Clickbank; STILL a Clickbank TOP 10 offer; and the highest-converting woman’s product in Clickbank HISTORY), one burning question has consumed my waking hours and filled my sleep with anxious nightmares . . .

“Can I do it again?”

I mean, LOD broke EVERY RECORD there ever was for a women’s dating and relationship product on Clickbank and has put over FIVE FREAKING MILLION DOLLARS in the pockets of affiliates just like you . . .

And even after TWO YEARS being as popular as the captain of the football team, the head cheerleader and that one guy who sells pot behind the gym COMBINED, LOD is the gift that keeps on giving and continues to BURN with amazing conversions on warm email, cold banners and everything in between.

Which is awesome.

But I admit, it #$@ed me up a bit. I mean, LOD is SO successful and converts SO well it turned me into a doubt-filled puddle crying at my desk and wondering if I would EVER be able to create something that converts even HALF as well again . . .

But then last Thursday I woke up, shuffled anxiously down to my desk, opened up my Clickbank stats . . .

And wept manly, manly tears of accomplishment-based joy . . .

Because last Thursday was the first time we tested traffic to our new (and delicious) “Stroke of Genius” offer . . .

And even completely “VIRGIN” with no split testing or improvement at all . . . completely fresh out of the box . . . this “odd” little handjob product is converting at almost 6% (we’re going to improve that too) . . . upsells are adding over $12 a sale AND we’re getting over TWO BUCKS A CLICK to our frankly-burned-out and over-sold list (when with any offer we’re lucky if we can get a buck a click these days.)

What does that mean?

Two things:

1. I can stop spending so much time and money in therapy listening to Rikki tell me what the Dunning-Krueger effect is and that I do not, in fact, suck at copywriting.



What am I forgetting? 

Oh, yeah . . .

“What The Heck Is Stroke of Genius Anyway?”

Yeah, I guess maybe you want to know what it is you’re promoting, huh?

“Stroke Of Genius” (or SOG as we say internally) is a step-by-step training that teaches even the shyest woman how to give her husband, boyfriend or any man she chooses a toe-curling, eye-clenching HAND JOB that turns even the biggest “tough guy” into a loving and satisfied commitment-puppy.

The program is by Cassidy Lyon (with man’s-eye-view info from Michael Fiore) and has the absolute BEST beta feedback on ANYTHING we’ve ever done.

We’re incredibly proud of the program and so far we’re seeing refunds so low we feel like we’re digging around for Jimmy Hoffa (I have no idea if that joke made sense.)

It’s a damned-good program (“way better than most of the crap folks pass off as info products these days” says curmudgeonly Chris Haddad) with a feminist message for women encouraging them to claim their sexual power.

I’m proud of it (and proud of my whole team who pitched in on the content and getting this beast ready to ROCK) and can say with complete confidence that your customers will be safe with us and will receive information and training that will do wonders for their relationships.

So there you go!


Do it!

Just click the “Email Swipe” link on this page to see the lovingly-crafted email swipe I created for you.

Why are you still here? 

Do you not like money?

It’s a lot of money. You should like it.

Oh, what’s that? You have a question?

Well, then let me just answer that question almost-telepathically with this handy . . .

Stroke Of Genius Affiliate FAQ

1. “Seriously, Chris, a hand job product? Is that really something that women are interested in?”


A lot.

The reason we decided to create SOG was because we’d seen how well other hj products did to our list and realized (just like with LOD) that with our marketing muscle and copywriting firepower we could create something that would blow existing products out of the water.
So we did.

But I can assure you from sales numbers, feedback from customers, open rates, click-through-rates and customer surveys that women’s anxiety over “not knowing what I’m doing” when touching a man is VERY real and a VERY powerful pain point women are willing to exchange money to solve.

2. “Man, Chris, your stuff always converts obnoxiously well and I REALLY want to promote so I can take a vacation to Europe and/or the moon once Elon Musk makes that possible. But I’m terrified to send my list something about HAND JOBS!


Hey, I totally get it! I do. Your relationship with your list is incredibly important and even with EPC’s as STUPIDLY HIGH as what we’re seeing with Stroke of Genius you have to be careful what you send . . .

BUT . . .

We had this exact same issue a couple years back with LOD where health and fitness affiliates were nervous about promoting because it was “too sexy” . . .

Not only did fears of lots of complaints not materialize but Brad Howard from “The Venus Factor” ended up winning our contest and says that to this day LOD is “the best and most profitable thing I’ve ever promoted to my women’s list in any niche.”

While the video does talk about sex and sexual situations (it has to, really) it’s in no way explicit. There’s not a single dirty word or vulgar phrase in the whole thing and no explicit descriptions of any kind of sex act. It’s clean.

My friend Mark Ling (who will be promoting HARD) had a similar concern and had the brilliant idea of creating a landing page that warns traffic of the adult nature of the VSL and offers to let them see a “Tamer” video instead. We’re currently working on creating a page like that for ourselves and feel like it won’t just prevent complaints but could actually increase conversions by creating an engagement device.

Honestly, women aren’t anywhere near as squeamish about this “Sex” stuff as folks seem to think they are. And the biggest market for products like these are actually CONSERVATIVE women (since they tend to be more repressed sexually.)

 What I’m saying is there are ways to handle this with you smelling like a rose. If you’ve got concerns about promoting SOG to your list, just email Colleen at and we’ll work with you to make sure you have what you need (even if that means I have to write more PG-type swipe)

3. “But Chris, Do VSL’S Really Still Work?”

Um. Yes.

Listen, I know there’s always fads going around and people trying to take your money by saying that direct marketing has CHANGED . . .

But . . .


It hasn’t.

We’re creating a long-copy sales page for this offer since doing so and linking to it from the VSL usually gives us a 10% boost in conversions . . .

But from our testing I can tell you THIS VSL CRANKS in a way that a long-copy sales page or even a quiz simply can’t compete with. I used every storytelling technique and piece of sales nefariousness I know in this baby and now it’s sweating money like a . . . well, like me at hot yoga. I sweat a lot. There are puddles.

4. “Does This Work On Cold Traffic?”

We haven’t tested to cold yet, but comparing these numbers to offers we have that we know work on cold traffic I would say the answer is probably a very passionate YES (though, of course, some networks won’t take anything sex related.)

5. “Can I promote using Facebook Ads?”
NO, unfortunately. FB tends to frown on sex stuff so unless you’ve got a creative workaround you may need other sources. (I know, it sucks.)

6. “I’m a media buyer. Can I have a commission bump?”

Depends. Shoot an email to Colleen at with your name, info, where you are going to buy traffic and what kind of volume you can drive. If it meets our criteria we will bump you to 90% front end.

7. “I have a question you haven’t answered here. I guess you can’t read my mind after all!”

You are correct. I do not actually have magic or psychic powers. But I do have the internet.

Email with your question and we’ll not only answer it but possibly add it to this FAQ.

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