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Why Men lie about handjobs . . .
Why men never tell you what feels good . . .
How to know if a guy likes how you touch him . . .
Men aren’t enjoying a hj unless he does this . . .

Hey, it’s (NAME) . . .

OK, this is a little bit weird but I just got this email from this woman named Cassidy Lyon
and I felt like I HAD to share it with you . . .


Because in this short little email Cassidy reveals something I’ve been wondering about
for YEARS and reveals a secret about MEN and SEX I literally NEVER thought of before . . .

(Cassidy also talks about her “Stroke of Genius” program but that’s not the important part.
Pay attention to what she says about WHY men are so unresponsive about sex.)

Hi, it’s Cassidy Lyon from “Stroke of Genius” . . .

How’s your day going? Did you try out The Accordion Technique with your man yet? Did you?
Huh? Huh? =-)

Well, if you did you already know exactly what that DOES to a man . . .

And if you haven’t yet . . . STOP WAITING!

OK, yesterday I told you I was going to tell you why men LIE about handjobs . . .

And why guys will NEVER tell you how they want to be touched (which is why I had to create
“Stroke Of Genius” in the first place . . .

See, this might sound weird, but the real reason guys LIE and tell you they “LOVE” your
handjobs . . .

And the reason guys just say “I love exactly what you’re doing” when ask how he wants to be
touched . . .


Of what?

Well, after my rather disastrous “Cassidy, look what you did to my dick!” experience
(um, if you don’t know what I’m talking about you can go hear the entire horrifying story
here: . . .

Anyway, after all of THAT I ended up talking to a LOT of guys about handjobs . . .

Over and over again I told them MY story of when I “destroyed” my boyfriend’s dick (even
though every guy I’d ever been with told me I was great at giving handjobs . . . liars!) . . .

They all just got this familiar and sad smile on their face.

Like my friend Chris said: “Cassidy, guys love handjobs, we do. But the fact is most women
are absolutely incompetent at giving them. If you ask ANY guy if they’ve ever had a ‘bad’
handjob he’ll probably tell you EVERY handjob he’s had has been bad . . . or he’ll get a
wistful look in his eye and talk about the ONE GIRL who knew how to touch him correctly and
how he’s remembered her for the rest of his life. 

And if you ask any guy if he TOLD the girl
he was with that she was actually HURTING him with the way she’s grabbing his dick? He’ll
laugh and say OF COURSE he has. We all have. Why? Because we all know from experience that
if you try to tell a girl what you REALLY like or, worse yet, tell her she’s doing it WRONG
she’ll probably break down crying or get really offended or never want to have sex with you
again. So you just lay there and take it and tell her she’s doing a good job and hope it’ll
end soon enough so you can have sex.”

I know that sounds HARSH right? But after interviewing dozens and dozens of guys it really
is true.

The fact is guys are SCARED to tell you the truth about how to make him feel good and what
he likes because he’s got this idea in his head that you can’t handle the criticism or can’t
handle the truth . . .

But I think that’s BS.

Which is why I HAD to create “Stroke Of Genius” (which is a step-by-step guide on giving
the most amazing handjob a man has ever experienced even if you absolutely suck at giving
them now.)

OK, so here’s what you do now. If you’ve read through this I KNOW you’ve got that little
tingle in your gut of CURIOSITY . . .

That NEED to know what this “Stroke Of Genius” thing is and WHAT exactly is in it.

And I GET it.
I also GET that you don’t want to make the wrong choice or waste money on something that’s

Which is why I want you to “TRY OUT” “Stroke of Genius” absolutely risk free . . .

Just go to (AFFIL LINK) . . . Enroll in the program. Log in. Check out the material. Learn
the 6 “Magical” steps of a truly astonishing handjob . . . learn ALL of the techniques I
discovered in my 6 months of research . . .

USE the stuff.

USE this stuff for 60 FREAKING DAYS.

And if at ANY time during that 60 FREAKING DAYS you feel like it’s not everything I’ve said
it is and more . . .

Well, just contact my customer support for a prompt and courteous refund.

So you’re risking NOTHING.

All you have to do is follow this link and enroll in the program now . . .



Cassidy Lyon

(Or maybe I should call myself “Helen of Handjobs” . . . you know, like “Helen of Troy”
but . . . OK, yeah that was lame.)

P.S. Tomorrow I’ve got a really important question for you. Really important. Possibly
devastating. Watch your email tomorrow. But right now stop what you’re doing and go watch
this video:


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