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Quite simply the highest-converting and best-selling “Ex Back” program of all time.

After we launched Text The Romance Back our customer service reps came to me panting and said “Mike, people love the program but we keep getting emails from people asking if they can use it to get their exes back. What do we do?”

And the answer was pretty easy, actually. What we do is create a totally separate program that’s SPECIFICALLY for the broken hearted who lost their relationship and want it back more than anything in the world.

When we launched TXB it took the online world by storm as affiliate after affiliate shifted their traffic to us and basked in the warm glow of simply-amazing conversions and incredibly generous commissions. TXB spent over THREE YEARS in the Clickbank top 10 and is STILL the number one “Ex Back” program on Clickbank.If you have any questions or comments send us an email or post on our exclusive Affiliate Facebook Page where you can get direct access to the whole team.

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