Hey awesome affiliates!

It’s Chris Haddad/Michael Fiore/Moneyfingers?Mother FU . . .

Ok, let’s stop there.

Hi! How you been?

Here’s a quick UPDATE for you on what’s been going on with DRI (and with me personally, since some folks asked.)

1. This isn’t a DRI thing, but I partnered up with my buddy Nick Coats on a new diet offer that is doing SUPER DUPER WELL and is probably one of the best VSL’s I’ve ever done. (I’ve had a few guy friends of mine say their wives WATCHED THE WHOLE THING even though they HATE VSL’s)

Testing is going SUPER well on the offer so far and we’re slowly starting to open up to affils. If you can bring us FEMALE health and diet traffic we will send you MONEY. OH, and we’ll give sweetheart commissions if you’re a cold traffic buyer with volume.

You can contact our affil manager for the offer at affiliates@revengedietresources.com

25 (37.88%)


OK, so this has been a LOONG time coming (and that makes a lot of sense since I’ve spent the last 8 months getting my brain working again =-)) but I spent last week CRANKING away on a new Michael Fiore offer that I’m tentatively titling “Make Him Worship You” (Subhead to be determined.)

Like I said, I just finished creating the rough version of the content and should be getting to work on the VSL next week. (I’m currently playing with the idea of making the VSL around the concept of “Why he fell out of love with you” which I think will be grabby for our audience.

Anyway, if all goes well we should hopefully be ready to roll this mutha out in May. It’s a really good program so far and I think it’s going to go over super well with our audience. Oh, my staff also says it’s really funny. So that’s good.

3. CONTEST COMING for Stroke Of Genius

OK, this is COOOL . . . We’ve been doing some testing and tweaking on our awesome “Stroke Of Genius” offer (which is a KILLER converter, by the way) and are seeing MASSIVE and AWESOME conversion increases. We’re running a few more split tests before we go go go but we’ll be running a SALES contest on the offer in about 2 weeks. More to come. Like prizes. And stuff.

4. OH, and about ME.

So, a lot of you already know that I suffered . . . uhh . . . well, I kind of lost my mind for a few years there. The short version is that I’ve had undiagnosed bi-polar 2 my entire life (which explains SO much). While I stumbled though almost 40 years reasonably well, the nature of this illness is that it gets worse and worse the longer it goes untreated and the combination of my lyme disease adventure and divorce from my first wife really pushed me over the edge into crazy town. (I can say crazy because I am. You can’t. It’s a thing.)

Anyway, I finally got diagnosed about 8 months ago and have been SLOOOWLY easing my way back into the world. (My awesome wife has been keeping an eye on me, telling me when I get stressed out and helping me come up with systems so she can point out when I’m showing symptoms like narcissism and lack of empathy in a way I can hear.)

And you know what? I feel pretty darned good. Better than I ever have, honestly. That horrible anxiety and SURENESS that I am A REALLY HORRIBLE PERSON has faded into a dull murmur. It took longer than I wanted it to (because, you know, I wanted to be WAY BETTER 5 days after going on meds) but I’m feeling energized, interested in work and motivated to actually DO stuff again.

For those of you who have reached out or just asked “hey, I learned a ton about copy from you 5 years ago but then you disappeared! What happened?” (My answer is “Well, I lost my mind for a while there.”)

Well, I just want to say thanks for caring. And even more thanks for sharing your own struggles.

ANYWAY. It’s been a weird 5 years or so but I’m super happy to be past it and ready to do this marketing thing again.

And that’s it for now!

More in a week or so.


Chris Haddad/Michael Fiore
Founder, Digital Romance, Inc

P.S. Here’s an awful pickup line I used on my wife the other day when I wanted her to come upstairs to fool around.

I stood there like James Bond in the hallway and said “Come with me if you want to . . . come . . . with me.”

Weirdly, it worked.

P.P.S. I’m thinking about doing one of my copy breakdown videos (like the one I did for LOD

19 (28.79%)

for Ultimate Revenge Diet where I go through and explain the psychology of the offer. If you want me to, hit REPLY and let Pilar know.

P.P.P.S. I love you! And I want to send you more money. I know I’ve been lax in my affiliate care and feeding the last few years, but like I said from the beginning “My #1 job is to make my AFFILIATES money.”

LOD, Secret Survey, Text Your Ex Back etc. are all continuing to convert like a cult leader at Woodstock. If you need ANYTHING to put these offers to work for YOU just hit up Pilar at driaffiliates@gmail.com

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