What Love Means To A Man (SHORT)

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What LOVE Means To A Man…
He Said “I Love You” Then Pulled Away… Here’s Why…
What He Means When He Says “I Love You”…
Do Women Love Differently Than Men?

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Hi, it’s (NAME)…

Quick question:

Did you know the word “Love” means something completely
different to a man than it does to a woman…?

And that when he says “I love you” he’s not saying what you
*think* he’s saying (or what you *hope* he’s saying) at all?

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It’s true…

To most women, “Love” means obsession, craving, absolute
dedication, eternal partnership and a willingness to slay
dragons just to see you smile…

But to men love means ____________.

Can you fill in the blank?

If you can’t you need to go watch this video right now. It’ll
be almost impossible to have a great relationship with a man
until you understand this:

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If you’ve been banging your head against the wall falling for
the “Wrong” guy and getting hurt even though you thought he
“Loved” you this will be a huge eye opener and will change
your life forever…

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P.S. Imagine if men had a different definition of the word “blue” than
you did… how much would THAT mess things up. Is it any wonder it’s so
*hard* to have an incredible relationship with a man when you don’t even
mean the same thing when you talk about “Love?”

Watch this video to learn the absolute truth about men’s hearts and what
“Love” truly means to them right now…

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