Why She’s a Drama Addict

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Why She’s a Drama Addict
Take Control of the Drama
Turn Drama into a Great Sex Life


Take the drama that women secretly (or not so secretly) crave, and use it to make her feel safe, wanted, and crazy attracted…

Today I want to talk to you about the DRAMA that women secretly (or not so secretly) crave…

And how to be a woman’s “hero” who makes her feel safe, wanted and crazy attracted.

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Here’s what Greg has to say:

“In my experience, once you let the women in your life know you are into her/really DO love her, she begins to lose interest!

I call it the ‘kid at Christmas’ syndrome. When we get something we really, really want we lose interest by Boxing Day. Maybe this is the dichotomy – women constantly crave this reassurance, but the irony is that if you give it (all) to them, they then feel deflated (lack of emotional drama?) & that can lead to a lack of interest.

They know how the movie ends! What’s your take?”

Hey Greg,

Thanks for your question. You did hit one thing DIRECTLY on the head.

Women CRAVE drama and INTENSITY in their relationships… and if you don’t give them that drama and INTENSITY they’ll find a way to create it.

My girlfriend and I were actually talking about this the other day.

99% of the time, she and I have a fantastic, low-drama relationship (because she knows 100% how I feel about her and where I stand…)

But every once in a while she picks a fight with me over something I consider pretty minor.

And the weird thing is she tells me that she actually feels better and closer to me AFTER we fight because even if I blow up a bit it gives her the high level of attention and emotional intensity she craves… while totally destroying the calmness I crave as a guy.

Huge problem there: Women crave intensity and drama. Guys crave a happy house and a happy woman with as little drama as humanly possible. Sucks.

Of course this isn’t really a big surprise. Watch any movie aimed at women or read any drugstore romance novel (I know, they’re terrible, but educational) and you’ll see again and again the “quest” guys go through in these things to earn a woman…

And the mountains he climbs to KEEP her after he already got her.

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Now, Greg, back to your question: Some women do in fact lose interest or start pulling away from a guy when they know you love them because the “Drama” is over.

Once you get to “Happily Ever After” a lot of women end up sabotaging a relationship because they’re addicted to being chased.

The way to keep a woman engaged, interested and happy is:

1. Use the techniques I described before to let her KNOW 100% with no doubt that you love her and where she stands in your life, but…

2. Show that you’re a strong, independent man and that even though you love her and WANT her in your life you don’t NEED her in your life and would be capable of being happy without her as well. And…

3. Create regular moments of positive emotional intensity and “drama” in your relationship that you’re in control of so she doesn’t sabotage the calmness and happiness you want.

How do you do THAT?

Well, you do it by being “Romantic”. Planning an adventure for the two of you, blocking out time where you’re focused on her and only her, seducing her, basically treating her like you’re dating her again and being unapologetically and publicly romantic.

The key is to have these moments of intensity come at irregular intervals (no “Thursday is date night”) and to keep her on edge.

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Even just one “Crazy romantic” thing a month will do the trick.

Got it?


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