Online Allure Formula

OA_borderOnline Allure is a program designed to address one BIG problem every woman seems to have . . .

“How do I meet GOOD men online?”



Now, now, you might be thinking “a product about ‘online dating?’ What is this, 2007?”

And I get it. To a lot of affiliates the idea of promoting an “online dating” program feels about as hot and new as sexy as wearing suspenders over your bathing suit. (Um, not that sexy.)

But there’s just one simple reason you as an affiliate should promote Online Allure  . . .

It’ll make you a LOT of money.

See, when we first created this offer we really didn’t expect that much. It was just an “layup” kind of offer we knew we could use as a “back ender” for our customers and email list.

Then we invited a few of our friends in the industry to mail the offer to their lists just as a “try out.”

We weren’t really expecting much from a “online dating” offer . . .

But then we started getting emails like this:


“HOLY CRAP!! I’m getting $2.40 a click on this thing.” – Super Affiliate

“I just hit send and I’m already up to $1.63 a click.”Major Clickbank Product Owner

“Seriously, Mike, I wasn’t expecting much out of this but I’m putting it right at the front of my auto responders now. Crazy EPC.”Super Affiliate


In the time since we quietly put OA up on CB it’s become kind of a “Secret Weapon” of affiliates who want to make money without a ton of competition.

See, just like you, a LOT of affiliates on CB think that “Online Dating” isn’t a hot button issue anymore (which means to me that they’re totally ignoring the MILLIONS of women in their 30’s, 40’s and later who would rather boil their own hair than go meet a guy at a bar.)

Which Means You’ve Got A HUGE Opportunity . . .

The Online Allure Marketing Funnel

The funnel for OA is based off the same tried and true formula we’ve used for Text Your Ex Back, Capture His Heart and most of the rest of our offers.

You can see the sales video for OA at

Nothing special, right? Just words and pictures in a slideshow.

The “brilliance” of this particular sales video has nothing to do with how it looks and EVERYTHING to do with the “hook” of the video.

We looked at a few other online dating offers before doing our own and again and again they lead with the same tired promise: “Here’s how to meet your prince charming online.”

When Mike sat down to write our sales video he knew we needed something SHARPER. We needed a hook and an idea that would DRAG women KICKING AND SCREAMING to the video even if they thought online dating was “just for kids,” that “online dating didn’t work” or that “only creeps are online dating sites.”

So Mike decided instead of going the “Big Promise” route like everybody else he’d use curiosity and fear to get our target market to watch the video.

That’s where the “What Your Online Dating Profile Secretly Says To Men” hook came from.

That simple hook that’s seeded through all of our swipe emails, banners and the lead of the video itself acts like a worm boring its way into the subconscious of women who want to meet good men.

See, the key here is that the hook CONFIRMS THEIR DEEPEST FEARS and present the video as a source of SECRET KNOWLEDGE about men . . .

The OA hook in our video . . .

* Challenges a false assumption (that there are no good men online).
* Offers a new take on WHY she isn’t meeting good men online (because her profile is driving them away).
* Confirms her worst fears (that it’s something SHE DID that’s keeping the men away.)
* SYMPATHIZES deeply with the plight of women who get IGNORED online.
* And LEADS them by the hand to a simple formula that’s guaranteed to get them attention from the men the so desperately want.

It’s pretty cool. And CRAZILY effective.


A Few Tips For How You Can Make The Most Possible With OA

1. Use CURIOSITY in your emails, banners or social media.

We had one affiliate rewrite our swipe copy WAY too much and then say they weren’t getting good results.

And there’s a really simple reason why:

This whole sales funnel is designed to to use CURIOSITY to drive the sale. If you say “Here’s the secret formula to meeting great men online” it’ll actually have the negative effect of feeling “pushy” to your audience.

There’s actually a TON of CONTENT in the sales video and the sales psychology of the script WORKS. Don’t try to sell the product, just get folks to watch the video.


2. If you’re an emailer: Plan on sending at least two emails and RE-MAIL your unopens.

You can double or triple your take by sending at least two emails a few days apart. (I know we do.)


3. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that online dating is just for “young” women.

The fact is the women most likely to buy this kind of product are actually 35 or older . . . recently back in the dating game and not sure how the heck to go about doing it.

Got any questions about OA? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our affiliate manager by clicking here.

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  • Commission Rate 75%
  • Maximum Upsell Value $0
  • Excellent for…

    Single Women

  • Not good for…

    Married Women, Men

  • Author Michael Fiore
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