Secret Survey

Secret Survey has the lowest refund rate of any of our products and probably the lowest refund rate in the entire relationship niche.


Because MAN it’s a robust program that has helped THOUSANDS of women finally get rid of unreasonable expectations and be able to have the amazing relationships they DESERVE.

Secret Survey came about when Michael Fiore (that’s me!) surveyed both our men’s and women’s email lists.

I asked women “What’s the one thing you desperately want to know about men but are afraid to ask?” and asked men “What’s the one thing you desperately want the woman in your life to know but are afraid to tell her?”

We got THOUSANDS of responses and after digging through all the data and creating spiffy mind maps I spent weeks of my life feverishly writing about everything from Why Men Lie, How to Tell If A Man Really Loves You, How To Keep A Guy Faithful and more.

Since then Secret Survey has become a veritable gold mine for the affiliates smart enough to promote it, getting crazy high conversions even though it’s a $67 front end instead of the traditional $47. Even better, we get testimonials all the time from women saying “Mike, I wish I’d had this when I was 20. I would have saved so much time wasted on the wrong men” or “Mike, I’m getting a copy of this for my daughter so she doesn’t make the same mistakes I do.”

It’s REALLY good stuff.

UPDATE – MASSIVE Increase in CASH from our crazy-awesome-new-and-improved upsell funnel means WAY more moolah for YOU!

Hey, it’s Mike Fiore . . .

Really quick: After MONTHS of testing, tweaking and running downright-whacky experiments we’ve seen a HUGE increase in average order value on “The Secret Survey: What Men Desperately Want You To Know But Are Terrified To Tell You” . . .

Which means YOU get MORE MOOLAH for every sale so you can finally buy that private island you’ve always wanted and make Richard Branson GREEN with envy. (Actually, I hear Branson’s island got really badly hurt during hurricane season and I can’t imagine what the insurance premiums on a place like that are . . . so maybe you’re better off just investing in a good Winnebago? I hear the one from Spaceballs is available if you show up at Mel Brooks house in ROLF cosplay.)

ANYWAY . . .

As always you’re getting a whopping 75% of the front end sale, which turns into a delicious $48.75 in sweet, sweet commissions for each and every sale (I’m still pretty shocked that a $67 offer like this one manages to convert so much BETTER than so many $47 and $37 offers out there – especially considering this offer is several years old. I mean, we’ve TRIED lowering the price on this badboy before and it’s actually seen conversions go DOWN, so we must be doing SOMETHING right.)

And, you know, that’s all well and good, but if you know anything about me you know that I’m NEVER satisfied unless our offers are sucking sweet, sweet cash out of our leads like a weird internet-based vampire.

My team has done a TON of work over the last few months to apply the lessons we’ve learned from offers like “Language of Desire” and “Stroke of Genius” to add conversion ROCKET FUEL to our upsell path and have CLAWED our way up to the point where we’re adding over $70 gross to EACH AND EVERY SALE . . .

Of course, like always, we give YOU 50% of every upsell sale we make, which means ANOTHER $34.50 gets added to your commissions for EVERY sale you make . . .

Which means you’re getting $83.25 PER SALE for EVERY sale FOREVER and EVER and EVER (and ever) as long as you send us those sweet, sweet clicks.

Of course that’s not all:

We’ve also done a TON of work on our post-sale-retention and have DROPPED our refund rate to a frankly-ridiculous 9% overall . . .

Which means, you know, that when you MAKE COMMISSIONS with us you get to KEEP commissions with us instead of having to weep bitter, bitter tears at those damned refunds.

INTERNALLY we’re getting over $2 a click on our affiliate side (we always split up affiliate commission and our internal take when we do mailings so we can accurately predict how affils will do) . . .

And considering how many THOUSANDS of sales of this offer we’ve made to our own list over the years the fact that they are STILL buying and buying and buying is crazy and awesome and wonderful and a pretty-darned obvious indicator that there is MONEY in the market for this “Truth About Men” type offer.

If you haven’t tried out “Secret Survey” in a while you should run (not walk) to our affiliate tools page (link) RIGHT NOW and get some of that delicious commission ice-cream for yourself.

We’ve got TWO high-converting VSL’s for this offer:

Our traditional “live-action” video we launched the program with originally (which uses massive curiosity hooks to drag your prospects kicking and screaming through the sales process) . . .

And our more subtle (but extremely effective) “How To Know If A Man Loves You” VSL that’s totally text based but uses the desperate need our market has to know a man’s emotions to subtly and passionately create a NEED to learn the truth about men and their emotions.

(To pick which VSL you want to promote with, go to the hoplink tools on the affil page and use the landing page drop down.)

If you like money . . . uhh . . .well, we’ve got a bunch of it for you right here.

If you’ve got any questions or need ANYTHING AT ALL to help you promote just reach out to Pilar at





Sales Funnel

The original Secret Survey sales video is live action featuring Michael Fiore looking all dapper and lots of cool graphics that tests have shown boost engagement and conversion by 20%. The core theme of that VSL is “Why Men Lie To Women They Love” and it’s a downright emotionally devastating video that earned over $400k in sales the very first week it was available (at the time the biggest launch in our niche’s history.)

Since then we’ve added an alternate sales video called our “Does He Love You” video. This “Webinar Style” pitch is extremely content-heavy and does EXTREMELY well on social media traffic (it’s a VSL your leads will actually THANK YOU for showing to them.)

Recently, we tore the entire Secret Survey site down to the ground, mobile optimized everything and more than DOUBLED the dollars earned from upsells to a whopping $32 a sale ($16 for affiliates and $16 for us… ON TOP of the 75% commission YOU get for every front end sale.)

If you’ve got access to traffic featuring women over 35 Secret Survey is a Gold Mine just waiting for you. Try it out. You’ll be happy you did (and so will your bank account.)

Michael Fiore is available for webinars and interviews to promote this program.

If you have any questions or comments send us an email or post on our exclusive Affiliate Facebook Page where you can get direct access to the whole team.

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  • Sales Page Preview
  • ClickBnak Vendor ID whyhelies
  • Main Offer Price $67
  • Commission Rate 75%
  • Maximum Upsell Value $82
  • Excellent for…

    Women, single or in committed relationships, age 24+, especially women 45+. Sells well with urban wealthy, family-oriented “boomers” and red-state blue collar women.

  • Not good for…

    Men. Women under 24.

  • Author Michael Fiore
  • Delivered via Membership Site
  • Media Ebook, Audio, Video