Text the Romance Back 2.0

The program that made “Michael Fiore” famous. “Mike” created the first version of TRB in just two short days right before flying to New York City Valentine’s day of 2010 to be on “The Rachael Rae Show.” (He crushed it. Really.) That one appearance (and the amazing response to TRB) lit a massive fire under our company and the TRB video sales letters (one for men and one for women) immediately set a new standard for what kind of conversions and earnings were possible in this niche.

(Mark Ling told me that he was shocked when he first promoted TRB because it got THREE TIMES the conversions he was used to seeing.)

Beyond all that TRB 2.0 is a fantastic program with a low refund rate and literally thousands of testimonials from men and women around the world. In the time TRB’s been around, texting has gotten even MORE dominant as the way couples communicate.

The Text The Romance Back 2.0 program is structured to not only give you the exact texts you need to seduce (or re-seduce) the man or woman in your life, but also teaches you core relationship and communication principals so you can finally stop fighting and start loving the hell out of each other again.

The bulk of the program is dedicated to giving you done-for-you texting formulas so you can simply “plug and play” the details of your relationship without any thinking or having to be “creative.” Text formulas range from the basic “Curiosity Text” which drags attention to you like a magnet to the amazing “Text Massage” technique where you learn to use texting to give your special someone a “virtual massage” where they swear they can feel your hands on them from miles or continents away.

Important: While originally designed for committed couples, TRB was GOBBLED up by single men and women all over the world to the point that we added a huge amount of material for single folks into the program when we did version 2.0.

TRB is a perennial seller but it does EXTREMELY well around Valentine’s day and is “safe” enough to mail to even the most conservative list without risk of any blow back.

Sales Funnel

We have two totally separate sales videos for TRB 2.0, one for men and one for women (each using deep psychological appeals designed to crawl into the brains and insecurities of one sex or the other.)

Both sales videos feature a one minute clip of Michael Fiore on “The Rachael Rae Show” as well as high-quality live action video of Michael Fiore teaching and pitching the program. While both sales videos are relatively short (under 30 minutes) they’re absolute conversion monsters and many affiliates report they do even BETTER for them now than they did when originally launched.

Michael Fiore is available for webinars and interviews to promote this program.

If you have any questions or comments send us an email or post on our exclusive Affiliate Facebook Page where you can get direct access to the whole team.

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  • ClickBnak Vendor ID txtromance
  • Main Offer Price $47
  • Commission Rate 75%
  • Maximum Upsell Value $5
  • Excellent for…

    Women or Men, 24 — 60, in committed relationships.

  • Not good for…

    Women under 24, Men over 60

  • Author Michael Fiore
  • Delivered via Other
  • Media Ebook, Audio, Video