For Men – Just Friends?

Subject Lines

Let’s be friends
Why you can’t be her “friend”
What your ex won’t tell you.
Why she’ll never come back
She’ll finally forgive you. . .

Hey, it’s (YOUR NAME) . . .

If you want your ex-girlfriend back but can’t even get her
to answer your calls, you know how hard it is. . .

That obsessive feeling in your chest. . .

That pain going through your whole body.

The anger. The nausea. The rejection.

Those long nights staring at the ceiling wondering WHY. . .?

WHY did she leave?

WHY won’t she talk to you?

WHAT did you do to make her walk away?

Well, if you really want her back (and I know you do) you need
to stop everything and go watch this video right now. . .

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The reason this video is so important is because it teaches you
the REAL reason she won’t come back to you (and why doing what
you’re doing now is KILLING your chances of ever getting her
back). . .

And shows you how to seduce that woman back into your life just
by tapping out a few simple messages on your cell phone. . .

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P.S. The reason I like this “Text Your Ex Back” method so much is
because Mike tells you exactly what to do so you can’t really mess
it up. . .

And because you get to keep enough distance from her that you don’t
FREAK OUT and say something you shouldn’t. . .

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P.P.S. This works even if you were the one to break up with her and
now realize what a huge mistake you made. . .

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