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Make INSANE commissions on the product that has the lowest refund rate of any of our offerings and probably the lowest refund rate in the entire relationship niche.

Secret Survey came about when Michael Fiore (that’s me!) surveyed both our men’s and women’s email lists. I asked women “What’s the one thing you desperately want to know about men but are afraid to ask?” and asked men “What’s the one thing you desperately want the woman in your life to know but are afraid to tell her?”

We got THOUSANDS of responses and after digging through all the data and creating spiffy mind maps I spent weeks of my life feverishly writing about everything from Why Men Lie, How to Tell If A Man Really Loves You, How To Keep A Guy Faithful and more.

If you have any questions or comments send us an email or post on our exclusive Affiliate Facebook Page where you can get direct access to the whole team.

Perfect for women, single or in committed relationships, age 24+, especially women 45+. Sells well with urban wealthy, family-oriented “boomers” and red-state blue collar women.

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