Stroke of Genius: Swipe Option #1

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97% of women make this sex mistake
Frightening sexual statistic every woman needs to know
97% of women don’t know this about men and sex . . . are you one of them?
Men say 97% of women are “incompetent” at this sexual skill . . .
87% of men would rather masturbate than let you do this . . .

Hey, it’s (NAME) . . .

And I’ve got a CRAZY statistic for you that will not only SHOCK you it might just make you
feel sick with embarrassment and make you question everything you think you know about men
and sex . . .

What is it?

Well, according to an anonymous survey my friend Cassidy Lyon at Digital Romance, Inc. conducted . . .

A whopping 89% of men said they would rather masturbate than get a handjob from their wife
or girlfriend because “she never does it right” . . .

AND almost every guy said that sometimes they just laid there and “endured” a bad handjob
(even pretending he was loving every moment of it) because he “Didn’t want to hurt her feelings.”

That’s the bad news . . .
The good news is that Cassidy took everything she learned in her research (and after going
through the worst handjob horror story I’ve ever heard) and created this amazing video where
she teaches you EXACTLY how to give your man a truly ASTONISHING handjob (where he’ll beg
you for more and even give up masturbation and porn) in shockingly little time . ..

What’s amazing about this video is that it teaches you the shocking truth about male sexuality,
what goes through guy’s minds when you’re touching them and what they SECRETLY want you to do
but are PETRIFIED to tell you.

If you want to know how to make a guy so sexually addicted to you he’d rather cut off his
right arm than even talk to another girl you need to go watch this right now.




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