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What NOT to write women online . . .

Hey, it’s (YOUR NAME) . . .

And really quickly I want to give you a heads up on EXACTLY what
you should and should not say to a girl online. . .

See, a good friend of mine (who just happens to be a smoking hot
girl with a body that makes guys babble like idiots as soon as they
see her) and I have this thing we play. . .

She’s single right now. She’s got a sex drive like a Mack truck.
Like a lot of women she’s actually LOOKING for guys to date and to
get to know a little bit so she doesn’t feel bad about wanting them
to fuck her brains out.

So she’s on OkCupid and a couple other sites.

And the thing we play is called the “You are never going to sleep
with her”. . .

See, every single day this hot friend of mine gets messages from guys
manage to TURN OFF my hot friend and ruin ANY chances they have with
her (or ANY beautiful woman) with the very first sentence they write
her. . .

Take this one for instance:

“You look like you have pleasantly pullable hair.”. . .

Now, I’m GUESSING that the guy who sent that one thought he was being
flirty and cute and trying to SEDUCE her and probably had his pants
around his ankles while online. . .

But instead (even though my hot friend like a LOT of women DOES like
having her hair pulled by the right guy) he didn’t get a interested
reply. . .

He got laughed at.

And mocked.

And put in the “Never, ever, ever going to happen” box by my sexy,
beautiful, hot friend.

Or the other guy who’s handsome and successful and has some great
photos. . .

But who opened up his conversation with her by saying
“Heeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyy. . .” like some 14 year old idiot.

Or the other guy who said “UR HAWT we should hook up.”

Or the *other* guy who said “You are my soul mate”. . .

Or the older guy who actually said “My wife hasn’t touched me in 5
years and I really want to feel you” and. . .

You get the idea.

And I get it.

A lot of times online dating feels like some kind of hot-girl
buffet. . .

And since it’s kind of anonymous you feel like you can say
anything. . .

And you just send dozens and dozens of the same message to every
girl you see hoping just ONE of them will write you back and just
ONE OF THEM will go out with you, make out with you, fuck you.

And it just doesn’t happen.

Because you’re writing to girls like they’re guys.

Like I said, plenty of women really do want to just meet a nice guy
to have a fling with. . .

But they need just a little pretext of romance so they don’t feel used.

They need you to actually SEEM like the kind of guy she’d consider
dating even if dating is the furthest thing from her mind.

So what do you say INSTEAD of all the idiot babbling so many guys use?

Well. . .

You’ve probably heard about my “Text The Romance Back” program. . .

It’s a step-by-step guidebook that tells you exactly what to text to
a girl to get her interested, turn her on, make her you’re eager and
willing love slave. . .

It’s great stuff.

What you don’t know is how easily it teaches you to talk to girls
online too.

See, TRB explains the power of the romance side of a woman’s mind. . .

It kind of the owners manual for her libido and her heart. . .

And it teaches you how to break her out of the boring-ass normalcy of
her day. . .

So she sees you as an adventure she wants to go on. . .

A guy she wants to meet. . .

A guy she wants to. . . pull her hair.

If you haven’t already checked out TRB, go watch this short video right

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Tens-of-thousands of guys have used this already. . .

And they’ve RAVED about how it transformed their lives. . . made women
so much easier . . .

And it will work for you too.

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P.S. My hot friend took a guy she met on one of her Internet dates
home last night.

He’s kind of dorky. Kind of skinny. Not “handsome” in any traditional

If it was just his picture she would have passed him over. . .

If he’d sent something silly like most guys do, she would have blocked
him. . .

But instead he got an experience he’ll be talking about for years.

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