Stroke of Genius: Swipe Option #3

Subject Lines

“He took off his pants and I wanted to scream” . . .
Handjob Horror Story??

Hi, it’s NAME . . .
My friend Cassidy always thought she was GREAT at giving handjobs . . .
Then one time a guy she was seeing came out of the bathroom with tears in his eyes and said
“Cassidy, look what you did to my dick.”

What happened next?

You can hear the whole story by watching this absolutely insane video
right now . . .
But be warned . . . once you watch this and learn the SECRET about handjobs and masculine
sexual pleasure men have been lying to you about for years you’ll never look at or think
about a “simple handjob” the same way . . .




P.S. Want to know a secret? A shocking 87% of men Cassidy surveyed said they would rather
masturbate than let their wife or girlfriend give him a handjob . . . why? Watch the video
to find out . . . PLUS you’ll discover and astonishing new method ANY woman can use to give
him the greatest pleasure of his life without even taking off your pants.


P.S. There’s a section in this video where Cassidy explains what goes through a man’s mind
when you give him a handjob. That 37 second section alone is worth you stopping whatever
you’re doing and watching this video RIGHT NOW . . .


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