What Love Means To A Man (LONG)

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What Love Means To A Man…
“Love” Means Something Different To Men…
What A Man Means When He Says “I Love You” (NOT What You Expect.)
What He Hears When You Say “I Love You”…

NOTE: When using this piece of swipe be sure to select the “Does He Love You
option from the pull down menu on the Hoplink Generator page.

Hey, it’s (NAME)…

And today I want to talk about *love*…

See, one of the things that makes men so crazy-making
for women is something called their “emotional geography”
and how it’s completely different than yours…

Heck, as you’ll learn in this incredible video by relationship
expert Michael Fiore, even the word “love” means something
completely different to men than it does to women…

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To most women, “Love” means obsession, craving, absolute
dedication and a willingness to slay dragons just to see
you smile…

But to men love means ____________.

Can you fill in the blank?

If you can’t you need to go watch this video right now. It’ll
be almost impossible to have a great relationship with a man
until you understand this:

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Tens of thousands of women have told me that simply watching this
video made everything about their relationships with men suddenly
“Make Sense” in a way it never had before.

This video might fill you with overwhelming joy.

Or it might hurt in a really exquisite way.

But you’ll never truly “Get” men unless you watch it right now.

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P.S. If you want to know what love means and want to know if he
REALLY loves you you have to watch this now.

Watch it now while you still can:

====>>> LINK (Find Out What “Love” Secretly Means To A Man)

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